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How to Light a Wood Fire

Oddly enough, lighting a wood fire is not as simple as it seems. Wood doesn't necessarily light right away and if you don't have the right configuration, it will go out immediately. Having the knowledge to light a wood fire can come in handy. There are a few different techniques to lighting a fir

Making Braided Necklaces

Braided necklaces can often serve as one of your staple fashion accessories, since braids never really seem to go out of style and that bohemian look comes back "in" every couple of years. You can make a braided necklace with a few enameled chains or with some strands of beads. However, the piece of

Funny Ways to Get Rid of Telemarketers

Telemarketers are instructed to call during certain times of the day in hopes of conjuring up more business and sales, but those times are not always the most convenient times for consumers. Unwanted phone calls do not have to be just an annoyance; they can be an opportunity for fun and maybe a litt

How do I Make a Name Plate on Plaques?

No matter how times change, they always stay the same. Plaques and name plates for them, have been an important part of society for sports, military use, memorials and many other uses. Making them, however, has taken on new forms as new technologies have arrived. You can take advantage of these tech

How to Mix Bronze Powder With Plaster

Mixing bronze powder with plaster will give your plaster creations a distinct sparkle and richness. You can choose to add a light shimmer of bronze, or load up the mixture for a metallic look--the choice is yours. Following these simple instructions will help you mix bronze powder with plaster to cr

How to Test a MOSFET

If your stereo has just died, a bad MOSFET may be the culprit. Many high-powered stereos in 2011 use them to handle the large currents in the amplifier's output stages. Luckily, a simple test will tell you if the MOSFET's good or not. Some digital multimeters have a diode test mode that puts 3 to 4

Doll Hair Tutorial

Making dolls is a hobby that many crafters enjoy. Doll-makers may buy porcelain, resin, plastic or clay bodies, and then paint on the facial features, make the clothing and the wigs for the doll. Making doll hair may seem intimidating, but it is actually a relatively simple task that requires basic

Instructions on Knitting on Double Pointed Needles

To create small, seamless knitted items, such as gloves and socks, use double-pointed knitting needles, also called DPNs. Unlike regular knitting needles, which have a point at one end and a cap at the other end, double pointed needles have points on both ends. This lets you knit from either end of

How to Make Your Own Toasting Flutes With Rhinestones

Getting married is an expensive business. You've got the dress, the venue, the entertainment, the decorations and all the little odds and ends, which add up to a gasp-inducing bill. But you can whittle that bill down little by little by putting your creativity to work. Rather than buying expensive

Instructions for Making a Paper Box

There are many methods for making a paper box, resulting in different shapes. For instance, you may want to make a rectangular shape, square shape, or even a star shape for different occasions. You can use paper boxes as handmade gift boxes or keepsake boxes for small items or candies. Start with a

How to Make Native American Drums for Kids

Make a Native American drum for kids to enjoy fantasy play. Most kids will eagerly work to make crafts that provide them with a toy in the end. A Native American drum can be crafted from common household items and fuel the imagination.

Ideas for Making Cards at Home

Homemade cards can be as simple or elaborate as your skills allow.greeting card image by Attila Toro from Fotolia.comCard making is a low-cost and artistic craft with a personal touch. Although there are fancy machines and decorations specifically for card making, you can also create a...

How to Form Sheet Brass

Sheet brass, with its rich color and malleability, can be made into many beautiful and useful objects. It is suitable for jewelry, sculpture and practical household items. Brass has been in use since at least Roman times, and hand-formed artifacts still exist from many different eras. Unlike gold, b

How to Make Face Molds

Molds have been used for centuries to preserve a human face's image. Ancient civilizations including Egyptians made face molds called death masks to help prepare the deceased for the afterlife. Plaster and gauze can be used to create life masks for educational purposes or as a home-craft activity. T

How to Catch a Football With Pads On

Catching a football with pads on can be a tough experience. The first time a player puts pads on for the season, it changes the game and that includes carrying and catching the ball. Here are some tips to make catching a football with pads on a no-brainer.

Instructions for a Rolled Knot Tie

Various hues and thicknesses of thread are found in sewing, embroidery and jewelry projects. There are several ways to secure the end of your thread. There are traditional and simple ties, rolled ties, or a method that involves gluing the ends of the project to make them more discreet. The rolled kn

Simple Ways to Make Craft Supplies and Art

It has been noticed many a times that when the people used to start the craft project, they are often short of the necessary supplies in their hand. This article offers you the information how ...