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Medical Jobs and the Telephone Interview

During a recession more people look for jobs and healthcare jobs are no different. The increase in applicants allows employers the ability to hand choose potential interviewees as a first step. A phone interview is becoming an increasingly popular way to sort through applicants applying for healthca

Recruiting Staff - Got GBP 30,000 Handy

If you want to succeed in business there's a magic formula. You have to drive sales up and manage costs tightly so they stay down. There's not much more to it than that, although volumes ...

Great Expectations For Radiology Tech Schools

Although some individuals demonstrate natural talents to carrying out certain tasks, not everyone is impregnated with the skills to being a radiology technician. It requires some investment of time an

Define Equal Opportunity

Individuals are exposed to discriminatory practices every day. In office settings, a woman may be turned down for a promotion because of pregnancy. A person in a wheelchair may be denied access to a retail location because the building does not meet accessibility requirements. For these and many oth

About Job Performance Reviews

The term employee performance review can create a lot of tension and anxiety for an employee. This does not have to be the case. Employees can view a performance review as a chance to meet with their supervisor and share their assessment of their performance. Employee performance reviews should not

How the Basic Allowance for Housing Rates are Determined

Beginning in January 2005, Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) rates are designed to cover 100 percent of the average rental costs for the type of dwelling authorized for the specific paygrade (rank). Here's how the rates are determined.

The Ethics of Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychologists work closely with clients to diagnose and treat mental illnesses, as well as to work through interpersonal problems. As a result of this interaction, psychologists develop intimate bonds with clients that depend deeply on mutual trust. These relationships also create ethical d

What Are Clerical Jobs?

Clerical jobs are support positions within companies and human service industries such as hospitals. Workers within these positions tend to enter the field by fulfilling the minimum requirements such as completing a high school diploma. In many cases, clerks also possess a certificate in a particula

Recruitment Process for Medical Jobs in Australia

Australia every year attracts a lot of talent in the medical field. There is a great demand for doctors and other medical professionals. A person who is interested in cardiology jobs Australia can fin

How to Study for Nursing Tests

The nursing tests are a series of exams you have to take to enter nursing school and to receive certification. There are an abundance of tests that correspond to the nursing career. Although each test possesses unique attributes, many of them have similar subject material and formats. While some inv

Employee Empowerment and Potential Maximization

Employees must feel valued and that their ideas are respected in order to take ownership of their jobs. By giving employees a foundation from which they are contributing to the decisions of the company, their potential is maximized and the company will find greater success. The keys to empowering em

Consider Accounting As a Profession

An increasingly opportunistic job opportunity in today's business world is that of a CPA, or Certified Public Accountant. There are many different job functions of a CPA, and many rules and regulations about practicing public accounting. The accounting departments of most universities' bus

How to Deal With Transference in Massage Therapy

Transference is a psychological term for unresolved feelings and emotions that are unconsciously transferred from a client to a practitioner. Transference in massage therapy is common due to the intimate, nurturing environment of the massage setting. With proper physical and emotional boundaries, tr

Emergency Training for Flight Attendants

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, major airlines are required by law to provide flight attendants on every flight for the safety and security of the traveling public. The primary job of flight attendants is to ensure that security and safety regulations are followed, but they also make ef

How to Write a Thank You Following an Interview for Teaching

Once you have completed an interview for a teaching position, the hard part is over. However, there is one more step you can take toward becoming the chosen candidate. Writing a thank you to each person on the interview team is a necessary gesture in the interview process to express your appreciatio

How to Make an Antler Pipe

Deer or elk antlers can be utilized for wall decor for a rustic touch or as functional accessories such as pipes. The strong and hard structure of the antler makes it a sturdy choice for a smoking accessory. Making a pipe out of an antler only requires a few basic materials that can be found in your

Manage Your Career With Top Career Tips

Whether you are taking first step into the working world or planning to make a change in solid for something completely different, planning is required. It can be helpful to have a framework by which you can execute your plans.

How to teach English as a second language in London

English is fast becoming the preferred language for professionals and speakers of other languages worldwide. Music, movies and social networking sites have enhanced its popularity as a medium for communication between English speakers and the rest of the world. With an estimated 2 billion people exp