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Taxes on Monetary Gifts

The gift tax may make it seem as if the Internal Revenue Service has a thing against generosity, but gift tax regulations are implemented largely to keep parties from giving their assets to others shortly before their death in order to avoid estate taxes. Unless it's arranged otherwise, the gift giv

Four Tips for a Stress-Free Tax Season

While any mention of the IRS usually sends people running for the hills, tax season doesn't have to be that bad. With a little preparation beforehand, these four tips, and an hour or two of your time,

How to Claim Federal Pell Grants on Taxes

The federal Pell Grant Program provides need-based financial assistance to undergraduate and some post-baccalaureate students. As long as the money is used for school expenses (tuition and course-related costs) while in attendance at a participating post-secondary institution, the grant is not taxab

What Are the Tax Benefits of Money Market Funds?

If you want to ease your tax burden, go for money market funds because it help minimize taxes and further increasing capital appreciation. So why not go for money market funds to help you with your tax management?

How to Challenge Your Home' s Property Tax Assessment

With home and property values fluctuating wildly, the last thing a homeowner wants is to be paying more in real estate taxes than they should be. By some estimates, as many as 60% of all homes are over-assessed, meaning the homeowners are over-paying their real estate taxes. A careful check of you

Getting Your Tax Affairs Up to Date

The UK tax authorities sometimes offer incentives to encourage people to get their tax affairs up to date. Current campaigns relate to second incomes and let property income.

Four Considerations For Hiring Your Personal Tax Accountant

Every year around tax season, millions of people across the globe begin worrying about their financial outlook. Is there anything they forgot about throughout the year that could negatively influence their tax situation? Will they be in danger of an audit? Were their business bottom lines successes

Higher Education Tax Deductions

The Internal Revenue Service offers two income tax deductions related to the cost of higher education: the tuition and fees deduction, and the student loan interest deduction. Knowing the qualifications will help you minimize your income taxes through claiming these deductions.

How to File Back Taxes

If you have received a notice from the IRS about a fee owed on taxes you never filed, then you have experienced the same level of anxiety as millions of Americans. This does not have to be an intimidating or daunting task. It's possible that the information you provide will yield a refund.

America's Biggest Corporations Aren't Paying Their Taxes

America's corporate tax rate is 35 percent, yet somehow, 115 companies on the S&P500 pay less than 20 percent in taxes. This number does not even include 37 companies, such as Citigroup and AIG, that received more in tax credits than they paid. Every year the government loses out on over $60 bi

How to Tell How Much Your Vintage Camera Is Worth

The value of an antique is in the eye of the beholder and the current auction price. It's only worth what someone is willing to pay. Vintage cameras values range based on manufacturer, age, current condition and number produced. The rarest vintage cameras in the best conditions will fare the highest

Deficits Push Taxation Onto Non-Profit Organizations

In most states in the U.S., non-profit organizations will be tax exempt for the most part. The Federal law exempts charity organizations from paying Federal tax subject to various qualifications. This is a generally accepted notion as most charity organizations do some valuable work in our community

Texas Labor Laws for Nonexempt Employees

The Texas Labor Code regulates nonexempt employees in Texas. This group of employees is subject to minimum wage and overtime provisions of federal law. Texas adopts the federal minimum wage by reference to keep current with the national minimum wage rate. Individuals covered by the Fair Labor Standa

If My Husband and I File Taxes Separately Can He Still Claim Me?

If you are married, you may elect to file your taxes separately. This tax status, aptly named married filing separately, may appeal to couples for a variety of reasons. For example, a couple may elect this filing status because it may result in less taxes owed than if the couple were to file marrie

Property Taxes Assessment Related Hint

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