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Prostate Cancer Treatment

Which prostate cancer treatment that is chosen for any patient is based on the individual case. Many things must be considered such as his age, how advanced the cancer is, and how the treatment will affect his lifestyle.

Ultrasound Vs Mammography for Detecting Breast Cancer

Detection of breast cancer at very early stage is necessary to get proper treatments and it has been observed that ultrasound has better records than that of mammography for detecting breast cancer. Ultrasound is very helpful in detecting small breast cancers that had not spread to the lymph nodes.

Treatment for Blood Cancer

Blood cancers are cancers that affect the blood, bone marrow and lymph nodes. Since the blood and lymph nodes are constantly supplying healing materials to the entire body, these cancers can be difficult to treat. Yet there are effective methods to treat blood cancer such as radiation, chemotherapy

Cytoreduction Surgery, Debulking Surgery

Appendix cancer has often spread to the peritoneal surfaces of the abdomen by the time it is discovered.The surgeryto remove as much of the cancer in the abdomen as possible, reducing the 'bulk' of th

Lung Cancer Pathology

As it concerns lung cancer pathology, the disease refers to a group of neoplastic developments coming up from the epithelium of the air passages or lung. Neoplasia is a term provided to the process by which tumors form in animals.

Mesothelioma - How Do You Predict?

Let's start first with what is Mesothelioma? "A usually malignant tumor of mesothelial tissue, especially that of the pleura or peritoneum." This is the fundamental definition of the deadly disease Mesothelioma according to the Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary.

Breast Cancer Reconstruction With Implants

Breast cancer reconstruction is an option for many women who have had to have a mastectomy. This procedure allows the surgeon to restore the shape of the breasts. This type of surgery is not necessary but many women feel it is a beneficial thing because it gives them confidence.

Skin Cancer Foundations

Skin cancer affects many people, and there are several skin cancer foundations that provide support, advice, references, and guides for dealing with skin cancer. Skin cancer typically forms on the exposed parts of the body, namely the face, head, neck, arms, and hands. People with a family history o

Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostate cancer is a complex heterogeneous disease that acts differently in different men. Therefore, treatment varies amongst individuals. A wide array of treatments exists for prostate cancer, which includes surgery, radiation, hormone deprivation therapy, chemotherapy, dietary changes and the use

Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer

Non-small-cell lung cancer is the most common type of lung cancer. It's serious, but treatment can sometimes cure it or stop it from getting worse.

Stem Cell Transplants Purpose - Important to Know

Stem cells are cells that are immature but can mature into blood cells. The process of infusing healthy stem cells into the body system is done by stem cell transplants. It becomes very much necessary when the bone marrow does not work and fails to produce sufficient stem cells required by the body.

Nanomaterials Of Carbon Origin And Mesothelioma Research

It would be prudent to implement strategies to keep good control of exposure to fibrous or rod-shaped carbon materials both in the workplace and in the future market until the properties are fully assessed

Food and Diet for Cancer Patients

As we have previously discussed, it appears as though Marine PhytoPlankton can be extremely beneficial when it comes to patients dealing with various forms of cancers. Just as you may want to consider this supplement because of its nutrients, you are also going to want to incorporate certain foods i