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How to Paint With Acrylic Enamel

Painting with acrylic enamel is suitable for irregular shapes, small touch up jobs, and adding color to hard to reach places. Acrylic enamel is durable and chip resistant. Automobiles are painted with acrylic enamel, although there are many other types of materials painted with this product--mainly

How to Make Salty Paint

When applied to paper, salty paint has a grittier texture than other paints. As it dries, the salt crystallizes the paint in one-of-a-kind patterns and adds a sparkling finish to the work of art. You can create your own salty paints with little more than table salt and craft supplies you probably al

How to Make Cartoons of Yourself

Making a cartoon of yourself can be either on the realist side or a caricature. With today's graphic software creating a cartoon of yourself is easily obtainable without any artistic skills. These images are popular on blogs, Facebook and Twitter. A caricature artist creates character cartoons of p

The Guilty Pleasures Of Pixar Films

As a thirty year veteran of the Hollywood Animation Industry I may have a bias against 3D computer animated films since CGI animation effectively put my generation of animation artists out of work. But I've noticed how the obsolescence of traditional 2D animation has been reflected as a theme i

How to Get Paint Stains Off Cement

Paint stains can drastically affect the appearance of surfaces in and around your home. When do-it-yourselfers try to clean dried paint, they often unintentionally cause damage to the underlying surface. Fortunately, if you need to eliminate a paint stain from a cement surface, you don't have to wor

High School Debut Volume 1

Read a review of High School Debut Volume 1, a delightful shojo manga teen romantic comedy by Kazune Kawahara from Shojo Beat Manga / VIZ Media. Haruna is a former tomboy who wants to find her first boyfriend in high school. When her own efforts fall flat, she asks one of the hunkiest guys in school

How to Decorate a Closet Hideout

With a little creativity, your closet can be more than just a place to hang coats and stow rain boots. Instead of allowing this space to be a purely utilitarian one, transform your closet into a whimsical escape. With the addition of some decorations and furnishings, you can create a hideout that y

How to Paint Shower Stalls With Epoxy

Composed of nonporous materials, such as tile, fiberglass or vinyl, shower stalls are surfaces prone to paint failure. Because paint adhesives are unable to bond with nonporous shower stalls, shedding in the form of chipping or peeling tends to result. If you want to paint a shower stall, sand it fi

How to Mix Stucco with Color

Stucco is another name for the product called Portland cement. Stucco mixes thin enough to become a plaster, and takes well to pressed or molded patterns before drying. It used to be that the only color choices for stucco were white and gray, which were the basic colors of the cement itself. But now

How to Draw a Jet Star Plane

Jetstar airways is a budget airline based in Australia. Jetstar planes are easily identified by the word "Jet," followed by a large orange-red star over the rear of the plane. When drawing a Jetstar plane, it will help to have a picture to look at. If you have no photograph of a specific Jetstar pla

Comcast Is Hard at Work Attempting to Gain

The film and music industries have been waging a war against file sharing through the courts for years, but have more recently started working with governments and ISPs to stop sharing at the source. The ...

Chinese Painting Techniques for an Exquisite Watercolor

Chinese watercolor painting techniques are based on a 6,000-year-old tradition of brush painting with ink and mineral-based color pigments. Watercolors were adopted from Europe by Chinese artists around 1900. Calligraphic and traditional painting techniques are adapted by modern Chinese artists to p

Paint Colors That Will Brighten

Rooms painted with deeper cool colors may cause a room to appear dark and enclosed if the room receives little sunlight. Repainting walls in warmer paint colors can breathe life into a dark depressing room. Warm colors influence a positive feeling and can make a room look and feel bigger.

Different Ways to Draw Bubble Letters

Bubble letters are a bold lettering style with a 3-dimensional quality that typically looks playful and fun. They're perfect for craft projects, such as personalizing a child's toy box. They can also be used to decorate school notebooks, flyers or advertisements. Depending on how they are drawn, bub

History of Betty Boop

Betty Boop is one of the most beloved female cartoon characters in the world. Originating along with Mickey Mouse in the heyday of cartoon prominence in the 1930s, Boop has been featured in films and comic strips for over 70 years. Though she is animated, Betty Boop is often regarded as one of the f