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Definition of the promenade on a cruise ship

Bahamas Cruises

A Bahamas cruise vacation is a perfect way to experience the islands from the comfort of a fun, activity-filled cruise ship. A cruise vacation is a perfect means to get a good tan, feel the sand between your toes, watch hundreds of unique species of Bahamian birds, animals and plant life, tour a pir

Let Me Take You On A Disney Cruise

For those of you who are uninitiated out there let me inform you that Disney is not just a theme park and the Disney Wonder is not just a cruise ship. The Disney Wonder was built in 1999 and holds about 1700 passengers. It is 83,000 tons of family oriented fun. There is also a dining venue, swimming

What Types of European Cruises Are There?

Europe is an enchanting place. It has been the prime destination of vacationers and tourists for a long time, and it still remains to be a top destination place. If you have ever wanted to visit Europe then you might want to take an European cruise.

Scenic Jewel

Photo of the Scenic Jewel river ship

How Can I Book a Cheap Cruise?

Cruising has become a multibillion dollar industry. Passengers can visit any region of the world on a cruise ship, and for many retired individuals, especially, cruising has become an affordable way to see the world. If you're looking to take a cruise and want to do it at an affordable price, start

See Astounding Wildlife and Ancient Culture on a Mexican Cruise Holiday

Whether your perfect idea of a cruise holiday involves stepping back in time and visiting cities steeped in culture, meeting the locals, observing fascinating wildlife or taking part in watersports, cruise holidays to Mexico are bound to have it all. You may have been planning your trip to the centr

Caribbean Honeymoons - The Ideal Getaway For Newlyweds

Caribbean honeymoons are the perfect romantic getaway for newlyweds. Set against a breathtaking backdrop and offered the most luxurious service, there's no better way for couples to start their married life.

Cheap Caribbean Cruises For Everyone

Cheap Caribbean cruises are a wonderful way for coworkers to enjoy vacation and camaraderie. Most cruising vessels provide a multitude of entertainment options for individuals of all ages and preferences. Lively kids activities, educational seminars, games of chance as well as many sporting activiti

Kochi: A God' s Own Country

Kochi is a wonderful slot in Kerala. If you want to extra some relaxing time with your family members away from the hustle-bustle of audience than Kochi is an perfect place for you.

Disney Cruise Vacation Is the Perfect Compromise

A Disney cruise vacation is ideal for a family vacation because although the views of the perfect family vacation differ between young children, older teens, and parents, this vacation provides a combination that appeals to everyone! The parents get a relaxing, luxurious vacation. Young children get

Fun Travels in Australia and New Zealand, Part Three

In this third part of my article about travels in Australia and New Zealand, I zero in on Tasmania, the cities of Hobart and Devonport and the former penal colony in Port Arthur. I summarize my conclusions about New Zealand as I move across the Tasman Sea to the island off Australia'a southeast