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Plans to Make a Power Kite

Power kites are large kites made of fabric that can literally carry people across sand and water and are used regularly for wind surfing and more extreme kite flying. You can build these power kites yourself out of fabric and high tension cords as long as you have the right design.

The Zen of Poker - Part I

Several high-profile players and authors have tried to apply the Zen philosophy of life to their poker game, and they are quite convincing in their claims that a Zen frame of mind can help a poker player achieve the next level in their game.

Turbo Controller Instructions for COD4 on the Xbox

"Call of Duty 4: World at War" often referred to as "COD 4," is a critically acclaimed and best-selling war-based first-person shooter for the Microsoft Xbox 360 and other platforms. Certain third-party controllers exist for the Xbox 360 that allow users to greatly increase the rate of fire availabl

"Shrek SuperSlam" DS Cheats

"Shrek SuperSlam" is a fighting game featuring your favorite characters from the Shrek movie series. This button-bashing brawler is featured on several different gaming consoles, including the portable Nintendo DS. You can choose from 12 characters and play several different modes...

How to Make a Colonial Spinning Top

Among the toys Colonial children played with was the spinning top, a simple toy made of leftover wood and string. The children did not have fancy toys, but simply made do with what they had. Whatever they played with had to be either found or made by them or an adult from spare materials. Making a s

How to Play The Bugami Card Game

The card game Bugami is an fun twist on the classic card game Hearts. In Bugami, each player gets to bid on the suit that he or she will not take tricks in. Players score points for each trick that he or she takes in a game of Bugami. Each player has his score reduced for every card he wins in the s

How to Play With Mahjong Tiles

Mahjong is a game that is similar to the game of rummy. Instead of using a deck of cards, mahjong uses printed or etched tiles. Each tile is numbered and counts towards a final score once suited with its corresponding tiles. Mahjong can be played by up to four players. The goal is to score the most

How to Get to Quel'thalas in "World of Warcraft"

"Quel'thalas" is a region in "World of Warcraft." Home to the "Sin'dorei" race, the area was introduced in "World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade." While Horde players can activate a portal from the Undercity to Silvermoon, Alliance players must travel through the Eastern Plaguelands to reach Quel'

How to Play Blackjack 21

Blackjack is not that difficult to learn. It has one objective: get a card total of 21 without going over 21. Going over 21 is busting and means that you have lost that round and your bet. But if you do not go over 21 and the dealer either busts or has a card total less than yours, you win with a 2:

Understanding The Economic Roles In The Video Games Industry

When an individual makes the decision to purchase video games they might be astonished to discover the wide quantity that is available regarding this purchase. Whether that high volume is found with the number of ...

Best Roulette System Gambling Strategy

The best roulette system for this week is one that is conservative (to a point). The minimum bankroll for this gambling strategy should be $100. In this strategy, we will cover and win on all ...

Destruction Leveling Spec

Destruction isn't the best tree to level with at low levels, but those burnt out on Affliction and Demonology can certainly make their way to eighty with a Destruction leveling spec with little trouble. This spec should be about what you need. We'll also discuss Glyph choices!

Finding the Best Flight Simulation Games

Flight simulation games are really exciting to play, but they can also be beneficial as well. If you are interested in piloting as a career, you will get the experience of flying professional planes in various styles and ways. However, not all of the simulators are created equal.

Crafts for 2 & 3-Year-Olds

While most toddlers do not yet have the same level of eye-hand coordination, color recognition or ability to use craft supplies that older children have, they can still participate in creative crafts. Give your small children a head start with some simple crafts fit for children aged 2 to 3. Use som

Get Paid to Play Games - Is it True?

The entire episode of get paid to play games has swept the world of the internet like a cyclone. People are hovering after websites to enjoy the benefits of this opportunity. For the fact, this is truly a by-product of the internet revolution and the information age.

Halo 4 Achievements

The achievements on Halo have always been something that people try very hard to get and draw a lot of attention, no matter what mode is being played in the game. Once again, the newest version of Halo comes complete with a list of accomplishments that range from silly and fun to nearly impossible t

Free Online Roulette - Become a Winner Today!

Alright, you saw an enticing spinning wheel and you are wondering what that crowd is doing out there. You look at the eyes of those who are there and you wonder what they are thinking as they hold their breaths while the spinning wheel comes into a halt. After a breathtaking moment you see faces smi

Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves One Dang Good Game

Right out of the gate, you know this video game is truly amazing. Naughty Dog has created an amazing video game. This game has improved on everything that was amazing in the first Uncharted. Naughty Dog has taken the first Uncharted and turned it up a couple of notches.

How to Get a Car in Red Dead Redemption

The Xbox 360 game "Red Dead Redemption" is an open-world adventure game that revolves around a series of fictional American towns during the Wild West era. Typically, the only modes of transportation in the game are horseback or some type of horse-drawn vehicle. While cars can be seen in the town of