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How to Keep a Husband Happy (And No, It's Not What You Think)

Do you know how to keep a husband happy? There isn't an easy solution as every man is different. What's for certain is that every man desires a happy wife, so this may not be a question of what can I buy or what can I wear. Instead it's more a question of what can I do to brighten up

Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever

A tall order given the flighty nature of men and so many attractions they are exposed to each day. For men variety is the spice of life whereas women want someone they can love and ...

How to Be an Effective Matchmaker

Many of us enjoy introducing our single friends to each other, playing Cupid to our friends. Here are some ways to ensure the chance of better success.

Are You in Love Or Are You in Hate?

Being in love is one of the most exhilarating feelings that a human being can experience. That is when you are truly in love, because too many people get this being-in-love thing wrong.

Divorces Are Cruel Realities

Divorces always induce a series of psychological, moral and financial consequences on the two partners, no matter how badly they want it. The most frequently encountered reasons for people wanting a divorce are the woman's economic emancipation, the industrialization, the modernization, the cha

Three Benefits of Commitment in Your Marriage

If you want your marriage to thrive, you have to have the level of commitment equal to the task. We typically start out together with love. Add commitment and you will see benefits beyond good feelings. Here are three of them in fact.

C Street House

Definition of C Street House and the impact of C Street on the marriages of residents.

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in North India

If you are planning for your honeymoon in the Swiss Alps, think twice. What if you get the same amazing experience in India itself! The following post explores some of the hill stations in north ...

Life After Divorce - Who Should Attend the Kids' Events?

Co-parenting can present many challenges, one of them is figuring out how to manage situations in which your kids want both of you there.Can that be awkward?Of course, but read on for some great ideas to make it a success...

Marriage Counseling Deals With Issues On Extra Marital Affairs

Married couples: be wary and vigilant of the temptations all around you. Always be on guard and know the telltale signs of an affair that is about to begin. Run away from it as fast as you could, for it may eat you up and destroy your married life.

How to Keep Life and Love in Your Relationship, Part 1

Women’s Expectation of Love: As a matter of conditioning that can be traced back to the cradle most women are devout romantics. After all, the oldest and dearest scenarios known to women are those of ...

Bringing Intimacy Back Into Your Marriage

Sometimes the longer you are with your partner the more you start to feel you are growing apart. You spend less time together and the spark is no longer there, It really can feel like you are two very different people and nothing like the couple you were when you first met. Your relationship is cert

How to Save Your Marriage Before It's Late

Prior to a legal divorce ensuing, the majority of couples undergo an emotional break-up. You should never try to stop a legal divorce - instead, you should try to turn it around. It is important ...

How to Have a Happy Marriage

Couples are more inclined to quit a marriage when problems arise rather than learning how to cope with them and solve them together. Divorce rates are rising, but despite the percentages, there are some couples who are committed to one another and to making a marriage last.