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Bark - To Bark Or Not To Bark

Bark is a superb addition to a garden. It has ornamental, drought and frost protection and water retention properties. But, best of all, it save a lot of time and effort in the garden.

History Of Plum Trees And Their Hybrids

The documentation of ancient plums growing in antiquity is sparse. The best evidence of that oldest existence is best documented through America's most famous pomologist, Luther Burbank, who reported in his twelve volume botanical literary classic, Small Fruits, Volume IV page 136, that the Eur

How Soon Will Verbascum Grow After Planted?

Grown as a cottage garden plant and cut flower, verbascum is a domesticated version of the common mullein plant, Verbascum thapsis, an invasive wildlands weed throughout the country. Mullein is widespread in part because it has many traditional medicinal uses, from easing coughs to treating burns an

Spring Garden Preparation

Gardening is a funny hobby, in that people either can\'t get enough of it, or they don\'t know a hoe from a rake! For those of you who already have your gardening catalogs dog-eared, from frequent perusals, you probably can\'t wait to get outside and get things going for spring. Garde

3 Effective Steps for Cleaning Up the Garden at the Seasons End

At the end of the gardening season it helps to take certain steps to make sure the outside space is prepared for the forthcoming season. Prior to packing up the gardening chores as the temperature starts to fall it is possible to see significant benefits if the right clean up jobs are completed.

Sunlight Supply for All of Your Indoor Gardening Needs

Since everyone is angry about genetically modified organisms making their way into kitchens around the nation, more and more people are choosing to grow their very own fruits and vegetables. If you have any experience in gardening, then you know that it can be tricky and sometimes having a garden ca

Proven Tips For Orchid Repotting

One of the most important aspects of good orchid care is orchid repotting and knowing when and how to do it.Get the facts to do it right.

How to Clean a Bird Bath With Bleach

Bird baths provide feathered friends with a place to cool off in warm weather and find water all year around. As enjoyable as they are to watch, birds carry germs, bacteria and dirt, leaving all of it behind after a bath. These factors, combined with mildew that forms in the bird bath, demand regula

How to Grow Food & Herbs Indoors

Indoor container gardening may have been born out of necessity, but it's also a sure-fire way to keep fresh herbs and vegetables at the cook's fingertips all year round. Vegetables can be planted in hanging baskets or in floor pots, and several aromatic herbs are perennials, which can mean a constan

Indoor plant Care for Green and Beautiful Surroundings

The beauty of plants adds the life, color and decor to our lives. They not only give us oxygen to survive, but also make our world a better place to live. Their beauty in and around our house makes it

How to Find a Map of the State of Washington

How you will find a map of Washington state depends heavily on what type of map you're actually looking for. For example, finding a detailed road map of Washington state is a different process from finding a basic map of the entire state as a whole. Regardless of the reason, you can find a map of th

How to Grow Gardenias for Flowers

Gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides J. Ellis) is a quintessential southern ornamental shrub and trees of the family Rubiaceae with around 60 species which produces a creamy white or yellow tubular flowers with evergreen glossy leaves and large, berry-like fruits containing a sticky, orange pulp. It'

Importance of Tree Removal

There are many motives as to why you might see it as necessary to decide on having your tree removed from your area. One is if it is already taking up much space in your area if the tree already happe

Types of Eggplant

The eggplant is considered quite versatile. It can be used for cooking or medicinal purposes. It is quite a beautiful fruit in that it comes in a variety of colors and shapes.

Propagation of Amaryllis

Native to South America, the amaryllis (Hippeastrum) flowering plant produces two or more large, cone-shaped blooms in colors ranging from crimson to white, some with red, orange and yellow streaks. Breeders like to propagate amaryllis to develop hybrids and hybrid clones.

Outdoor Landscape Designing

Outdoor landscape is an area where you can make different designs and structures to increase the value of your property. You can convert it into a complete picnic point for your family and friends. Bricklaying, landscape designing can increase the look of your outdoor area. Copper bros landscape dea

Growing Vegetables From Seed

Many home gardeners prefer growing vegetables from seed. It's much cheaper than buying seedlings, as a packet of seeds only costs a couple dollars and you get heaps of seeds in it. What this means is that each plant will only cost a few cents, and in most cases less than a cent.

How to Care for a Plant Called Sedum

Sedums, commonly called stonecrops, are succulent flowering plants that come in many different varieties. Depending on the variety, sedums bloom in white, yellow, gold, pink or red, and grow either low to the ground and less than 2 inches tall or grow 2 feet tall or larger. Commonly used in perennia

Surrounding Your Flowers With Garden Gravel

If your home and garden center does not carry a vast selection of garden gravel for your every need, you should go to a stone quarry or gravel pit that sells to the public. You will find a choice that will allow your imagination to run wild.