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An Eye on Road Traffic Safety Situation in this World

Road traffic safety is a serious issue in this world where the no of vehicles are every expanding day by day. Setting up rules and let the people to follow them is not so easy where everyone is in hur

Laws in Florida for Cheating on State Exams

Various regulations penalize those who cheat on state exams.exam image by from Fotolia.comCheating isn't just poor ethics, and it isn't just cheating the system. It is cheating yourself. If you cheat on a state exam in the state of Florida, you can expect suspension of your...

POA and Conservatorship in Elder Law

When an adult looses the ability to make informed and sound decisions regarding his health, his wellbeing and his estate, family members or friends may request a court of law to appoint a conservator

How to Record a Lien on a Property

A lien on property is a legal assertion of a financial interest. The document, which is recorded at the County Recorder's Office, clouds any sale or refinance until the lien is satisfied. An example would be if a contractor agrees to add an addition to your home and a price is negotiated. The contra

North Carolina State Pool Rules

Public swimming pools must always be in compliance with state standards.Swimming pool and pool house image by Jim Mills from Fotolia.comAll public swimming pools and equipment, including spas designed for recreational or therapeutic use, must remain safe to use. In North Carolina, rules...

Ohio Mortgage Loan Act

The Ohio Mortgage Loan Act, otherwise known as the SAFE Mortgage Licensing Act, works to protect consumers by setting licensure standards for individuals seeking to serve as loan originators. Loan originators must by Dec. 31, 2010 meet the various state standards in order to be licensed. These requi

What Is the State Auditor's Job?

A state auditor is an accountant whose main job responsibility is to verify a state's financial records and audit public funds. State auditors study a variety of sources to understand the state's financial situation, by analyzing the state's accounting methods and overseeing the state's involvement

Wrongful Dismissal: How Employment Advice You Need

Wrongful dismissal - this is one of the key elements of modern labor law, employees in the workplace by providing practical solutions. For wrongful dismissal law, the employer had in mind when considering disciplinary proceedings ...

Octo-HUD: Print Your HUD Forms Eight Different Ways

Easy Soft software simplifies the process of completing and printing RESPA-compliant HUD settlement statements. The standard 3-page HUD-1 form is fine in many cases but often you need to extract only certain information. The Advanced ...

Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Pittsburgh

For people who are injured in some sort of accident, Pittsburgh features a number of great lawyers who can help. No one wants to be hurt, and an injury can also be emotionally painful if it comes thro

Lien & Garnishment Laws in North Carolina

North Carolina law permits creditors to take certain legal actions against residents who owe outstanding debts. If you're sued for a debt and your creditor wins a judgment against you, the creditor can then take steps to garnish your bank account or place a lien on your personal property. If you've

Federal Law for R-12 Refrigerant

Due to growing concern by the U.S. public, Congress passed the 1990 Clean Air Act and included language detailing vehicle refrigerant recycling requirements to prevent the depletion of the ozone layer. The act affected how R-12 refrigerant would be handled and disposed of and who was qualified and

Cell Phone Laws for Commercial Vehicles

Commercial drivers are held to stricter standards than regular drivers.truck image by timur1970 from Fotolia.comLaws hold commercial drivers to higher standards of performance than private drivers on the road. One of these standards is cell phone usage during driving. Federal, state and...

K3 Spouse Visa for Usa

The main purpose of a K3 spouse visa is to bring the foreign spouse – husband/wife to live and work in the US.K3 spouse visa issues a temporary license of two years validity to enter the United States

Judgments And Partnerships

What if your judgment debtor owns part of a property, business, or some other asset in a 50/50 general partnership with someone else? How can you get to the debtor's share of that asset to ...

How Safety Recalls can help you avoid an accident

If you drive a Toyota car or a Hummer SUV, you must avail of current recalls for these vehicles. According to reports, Toyota and Hummer have garnered numerous safety complaints, including high crash record. Though ...

Importance of Hiring a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Hiring a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney used to be a simple process. Today, it has become more challenging for individuals and business entities to obtain legal counsel due to new laws that took effect in ...

Wisconsin Disability Insurance Laws

Disability insurance provides financial compensation for people who suffer from permanent mental or physical disabilities that may or may not be work-related. Wisconsin provides disability insurance for any position covered under the WRS (Wisconsin Retirement System). These benefits fall...