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Week 17 and 18 of Your Pregnancy

As week 17 starts, your baby starts get rounder and fatter. Your baby is roughly the size of a large pear, around 12 centimeters long and weighs nearly 150 grams. The baby's skeleton also continues to grow.

Infertility Stress - The Role of Unexplained Infertility and Anxiety

Difficulties for the couple getting pregnant might be a solid reason for anxiety in a healthy relationship, couples that experience a delay in getting pregnant will often feel this anxiety a solid case of infertility stress. Sometimes if the truth behind the delay isn't known, these feelings ca

Getting Pregnant With PCOS - Tips To Help Conception

Some women can become pregnant quite easily. However, there are a small percentage of women all over the world who find it difficult and challenging to conceive. Women with PCOS belong to this second group.

Contraceptives - Tablets and Sponges

Spermicides are contraceptive tablets or suppositories that are placed in the vagina prior to intercourse. These substances are activated by vaginal secretions and kill sperm to prevent pregnancy.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of ectopic pregnancy, including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

Four Sure Shot Tips to Achieve Pregnancy

If you have not achieved the desired results even after so many attempts, then you are sure to feel dejected. But there is no cause for worry. You only have to follow certain tips and ...

Comparison of Mediclaim Policies

Mediclaim is the national health care system in India. Similar to the health care in the U.S., there are various policies offered to prevent the ever-growing cost of medical care.

Morning Sickness Cures You Can Try Today

There are many morning sickness cures out there but not all of them work. Find out what you can do today to help get rid of your morning sickness so you can get back to enjoying your pregnancy.

What Is Stripping the Membranes in Pregnancy?

As you near your due date and begin to feel eager to give birth, you practitioner may strip your membranes during a routine pelvic exam. This is a simple and safe, but usually uncomfortable, process.

1 in 10 Pregnant Women Drink Alcohol

More than half of women of childbearing age who are not using birth control and may become pregnant drink alcohol and may be putting their unborn child at risk for fetal alcohol syndrome, according to a new CDC report.