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How to Do Happy Faces

Adding emoticons -- facial expressions made with keyboard letters, symbols and punctuation -- to an email, text or instant message can help you express how you're feeling or add emphasis to a statement. Lack of face-to-face contact and body language in e-communications can sometimes make it hard for

Water Pollution Games

Water pollution is an important environmental concern, so it's little surprise that game designers have created titles that promote awareness of the issue in an entertaining fashion. Teachers can use these games to educate their students about the causes and dangers of water pollution; other individ

What Percentage of Copper Is in a Buffalo Nickel?

The "buffalo" nickel was struck by the U.S. Mint from 1913 to 1938. It is so named because it features a buffalo on the reverse side, with a Native American on the front. It is alternatively called a bison or Indian head nickel.

How to Find the Velocity of a Pendulum

The motions of pendulums have fascinated scientists for hundreds of years. In the 1600s, Galileo Galilei performed some of the first experiments to find the relationship between the length of a pendulum and the time of its swing. A classical pendulum consists of a weighted bob attached to the end of

How to Make Wooden Toy Boxes

A wooden toy box provides useful storage and enhanced household safety with the removal of toys left on floors and stairs. It also provides an aesthetic keepsake for a child for years to come. Building your own wooden toy box saves money on the retail cost of the items and allows you to customize th

Neptune Fast Facts

Neptune is the eighth furthest planet from the sun, and is four times the diameter of Earth.

Simple FM Transmitter Projects

A small FM transmitter can broadcast an MP3 player over your radio so everyone can hear it.mp3 player image by patrimonio designs from Fotolia.comMention FM to most people and there first thought is about radio stations or radio receivers. However, FM transmitters are more common in our...

How to Repair Cordura Fabric

Cordura fabric has become a popular material for use in a wide range of gear, from hiking boots to ballistic vests. Incredibly rugged and often waterproofed, items made with Cordura fabric can still become damaged over time with hard use. Cordura may come in different weights and weaves but, because

How to Make Model Airplanes Out of Beer Cans

If you're looking for a quick and easy craft project using recycled materials, a beer can airplane fills the bill. It's easy to create a simple airplane out of a few beer cans and some glue. Take a few minutes to make this eco-friendly decoration for your own home.

How to Make Your Own Live Animal Trap Design

Uninvited animals in or around your home usually are considered pests. Use a live trap to solve the problem humanely. Live traps can be bought, or you can make your own. Follow these plans to build an 8x8x28 trap suitable for a rabbit-size animal. The trigger for this trap is a notched piece of wood

How to Make a Hummel Paper Label

Some Hummel figures have a very small paper label on the side of the base showing the name of the piece. Most of the labels were written in German and English. These labels were typically not placed on the front of the base of the figure, but rather on the side or back of the base. Figures that were

Projects Made Out of Clay: Volcanoes

Vesuvius, St. Helens, Kilauea: these are some of the best-known volcanoes on earth. They have been known to spew lava, ash, smoke and devastation across their regions in an impressive display of Mother Nature's power. You can make your own erupting volcano molded in clay at home. All you need are a

Differences & Similarities Between the Lunar & Solar Eclipse

Eclipses are among the most spectacular phenomena easily visible from Earth. Two separate types of eclipses can occur: solar eclipses and lunar eclipses. Although these two types of eclipses are, in some ways, quite similar, they are also two entirely different occurrences.

School Wood Shop Projects

Many middle and high schools across the United States offer wood shop classes to interested students. In wood shop, students learn how to use tools to build crafts that can be used around the house for practical or personal reasons. In many cases, students are asked to build a project for...

Homemade DC Motor Controller

A DC motor requires direct current electrical energy, which is what "DC" denotes. Because the electrical current running through this type of motor flows in only one direction, a DC motor can be reversed by reversing the polarity of the voltage applied across the motor leads. One simple type of DC m

How to Measure Miniature Bearings

Miniature bearings allow rotation of a wheel on a rotating shaft fluidly without friction. Miniature bearings are used in remote control cars and trucks, skates of all types and skateboards. The balls inside the race of a bearing need lubrication to allow the wheel to spin correctly. Non-lubricated

How to Clean a Kahr K40

Kahr pistols are among the most popular semiautomatic pistols on the market. Their small size and ease of use make them popular in law enforcement, the military and among collectors. Like any firearm, the Kahr K40 must be regularly maintained and cleaned for maximum safety and performance. With the

Reasons Why the Oil Spill Affects the Environment

Oil spills have toxic and long-lasting effects on the environment. Animal life near a spill can be devastated. Oil is especially toxic to trees and plants. While the effects of an oil spill can be lessened if it occurs on a body of water with a great deal of movement, this is not the case if the spi