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How Crafts and Hobbies Can Earn You Money

Crafts and hobbies are good options for passing the time for most enthusiasts. Crafts can be cultured into creative pursuits in different material projects while hobbies can be activities that can make anyone more experts in their respective object of hobby. In every angle, only being one of the bes

Craft Supplies for Everybody

As many of you will know having to travel round for miles and miles just to find a piece of card or a topper to match one previously used can be a soul destroying experience. Even though cardmaking is meant to mean that each card is individual I tend to find that myself and many other cardmakers pre

The Proper Rearing For Queen Bees

Rearing queen bees can be very satisfying. You will bring in a fresh queen into the colony. From here, you can decide to increase hereditarily strong queen bees that can then assist you to make disease challenging colonies and trim down the danger of diseases and pests.

Buying Your Antiques

Arts and crafts are considered to be one of the finer things in life. Some people choose to adorn their surroundings with generic and contemporary d©cor. However there are some people who value antiques and ...

Coin Collecting - What Am I Collecting?A Coin Collection Is Never Finished

It starts with a single coin that we set aside for whatever reason.Before you know it, that single coin becomes a stack of coins, holders, albums and the like.This article shares what happens to some of us when the coin collecting bug has bitten.And there is no cure for this; so enjoy the ride.

The Modern Knitter

If you were asked to picture a lady who is knitting, what would you envisage? Most people would respond by saying that they see an older woman, most likely retired, sitting with a ball of wool on her lap with Coronation Street on in the background. Unfortunately, there is far more to modern knitting

Significance of Labels For Domestic Purposes

A Label refers to an informational piece of paper, cloth or any other material affixed to a container. This piece of material contains name or information about the product or container. These labels are printed with lavish or simple design elements on one side and with adhesive on the other side. I

Collecting Vintage Calendars

Collecting Vintage Calendars is fun and often affordable.Find out more about this interesting hobby and a great source for adding calendars to your collection.

How To Make A Tutu Costume

Tutu costumes are a popular dress-up option for little girls. Fairy, princess and even animal-themed tutus are great for parties and just for playing pretend around the house. Girls love to dress up, and when dressing up involves sparkly princess gowns, what more could a girl want?

10 RC Airplane Challenges

Here are 10 new challenges to try if you are an RC model airplane pilot. Are you up to the challenge?

Sterling Silver and Silver Beads

Sterling silver makes excellent necklaces. Plus they are not as expensive as gold necklaces. And when worn over a black dress forms a combination of sheer elegance. There are different types of sterling silver necklaces.

Mason-Dixon Knitting

Read my review of Mason-Dixon Knitting by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne.

Treasure Hunting For Benitoite

Benitoite was named after the county where it was first found, San Benito County, in 1907 and to this day San Benito County is the only place in the world that you can find this gemstone, making it among the rarest gems on the planet.Benitoite became California's official state gemstone in 1985

Merrow Sewing Machines: Merrow 18E Review

Merrow specializes in overlock sewing machines for technical, fashion, and end-to-end seaming. The sewing machines designed by this company are handcrafted and handbuilt, and can operate continuously between 2200 and 5500 RPM. The Merrow 18E is considered to be the best crochet sewing machine in the

Childrens Bug Crafts - Kids Crafts to Drive Them Buggy

There's nothing kids love doing more than painting, so you know they'll really enjoy doing these childrens bug crafts. You'll love seeing the delight in the eyes of the children over the cute insect crafts they have made all by themselves.