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Uses for Color Safe Bleach

There was a time when bleach was treated almost like acid. It could ruin any fabrics that it came into contact with for even a moment. This is still true of regular bleach, but now you have the alternative of color safe bleach. This variety of bleach whitens whites, just like the original, but also

Disposal of Household Medical Waste

Medical supplie such as syringes, needles, soiled bandages, lancets and medical gloves needs disposing of with caution. You can dispose of supplies that can injure a person, such as a needle,with your normal household trash with proper precautions. You may notice at a doctor's office that they have

Olefin Vs. Wool Rugs

Olefin and wool are two of the many fibers in which rugs are constructed. Each fiber offers distinct benefits and drawbacks, depending on the type of rug you're looking for. Both olefin and wool rugs come in many sizes, from small accent rugs up to giant floor rugs. If you have children or pets, tak

Homemade Gypsy Moth Trap

Gypsy moths may not do much damage to your trees; however, their caterpillars, as they feed on foliage to build up strength before cocooning, can destroy them. One good way to prevent this is to hang a gypsy moth trap near each tree. These traps capture male gypsy moths and stop them from mating wit

How to Remove Adhesive Stains

Stickers and labels are two common items that leave behind a sticky adhesive residue. This residue can stain clothing, fabric and upholstery. To deal with the adhesive stain you must first remove as much of the adhesive residue as possible. Removing the residue can be done by several different metho

How to Get the Retina Display Wallpapers

To brighten up the background of your Apple iPhone, download and install Retina Display wallpapers, which offer high-resolution and high-definition images and graphics, optimized for display on the iPhone’s screen. You can download free or paid Retina Display wallpapers to your computer and ad

How Much Ammonia for Cleaning?

Ammonia is a natural chemical cleaning agent, useful for counter tops, windows, wood and even carpet stains. While ammonia is safe if used properly (in other words, never mix it with bleach and keep it away from open flames), you should always dilute it with water in order to prevent excess fumes an

How to Remove Pen Ink From Soft Leather

Because leather is an expensive material, ink stains on leather items can cause distress. Whether the stain was caused by an accidental pen swipe or a leaking pen, the stain can become permanent if not treated properly. Although it may take a little work, there are solvents that can be applied to th

Southern Yellow Pine Stain Options

Southern yellow pine tolerates very heavy weight.Deck de madeira image by CarlosNeto from Fotolia.comSouthern yellow pine, a softwood, is used in 85 percent of American homes, reports the Steven F. Austin State University. According to the University of California, the dense, durable and...

How to Clean Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl is used for flooring and, occasionally, for walls. With few seams and no grout to worry about, cleaning this material is easier than cleaning tile. Because of the easy cleaning, the economic price and the fact that it comes in many colors and designs, this is one popular home surface ma

How to Use Numeric Keypad for Polish Accents

If you bought your computer in the U.S., then you would have no problem using it to communicate in English. The default keyboard can type all the letters, numbers, quotation marks and many of the special characters used in the U.S. However, you may need to type Polish, or mention Polish names, addre

How to Clean Wool Jackets

Wool was once used for its ability to maintain warmth even when soaking wet. Wool is a very resilient fiber and it resists wrinkles as well as tearing making it very desirable for garments, such as jackets, that see a lot of use. However, wool requires some careful handling when cleaning and you hav

Methods of Getting Scooters Into Vehicles

There are several ways to load a motorized scooter into a vehicle.wheelchair space image by Shirley Hirst from Fotolia.comMany people face the task of loading their scooters into their vehicles every day. However, there are several methods that can help to make the process easier. These...

Recipe for Wood Floor Cleaner

Prolong the life of your wood floors and improve their appearance by keeping it clean. Dirt and debris can be scuffed into the grain, causing scratches and damaging the integrity of the wood. You don't have to use store-bought products to keep your floor clean. A homemade solution of mild cleaners a

Ideas for Leaf Removal

Don't worry about raking leaves directly beneath trees.fall leaves image by Dubravko Grakalic from Fotolia.comWhile the mild fall weather signals the advent of joys like college football and pumpkin spice lattes, it comes with a few major inconveniences, as well. For homeowners with a...

What to Do to a Lawn After a Flood

After a heavy rainfall, you may exit your house to find that your lawn is flooded. This can be a serious problem if left unattended. Fortunately, there are several ways to care for the lawn and bring it back to life, looking as good as new.

How to Open a Metal Wind Spinner

Wind spinners are a type of kinetic art that can be hung wherever a breeze may blow. You can find wind spinners hanging from the eaves of a house as well as from a shepherd's crook in a garden. 3-D wind spinners cut from a single sheet of metal and then bent to create the illusion of depth are popul

The Best Time to Stain Concrete

Thanks to a wide availability of acid-based and acrylic stains, your concrete doesn't have to be boring anymore. Staining concrete provides a unique, organic, finished appearance that can greatly enhance the look of your patio, garage, or interior floor. So when is the best time to apply a stain to

How to Remove Rust From a Shower Curtain

The shower curtain in your bathroom serves numerous purposes. It keeps the water from your shower in the shower, and it can play an important part in lending color or atmosphere to the décor of your bathroom. One would think that shower curtains would be impervious to dirt and stains as they sh

How to Use Zone Dampers

Zone dampers are manual or automatic doors located within ducts of a building's heating air conditioning and ventilation system. These doors may be opened, partially opened or closed to regulate airflow through the ducts and control the amount of heating or cooling that reaches specific rooms or zon