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How to Install Wood Fences Using Gravel

Wood fences need to be securely anchored into the ground to prevent leaning and falling. With vinyl, aluminum, or chain-link fences, simply insert concrete posts into the ground to create a firm anchor. Unfortunately, concrete can lock moisture into a wood fence and cause rotting at the base of the

How to Make Your Own Outdoor Barbeque

The outdoor cookout has become a common summertime tradition. For fans of juicy, slow cooked meats, you cannot beat an outdoor barbecue Even though numerous companies produce outdoor barbecue grills, a homemade outdoor barbecue can be an elegant and useful addition to any backyard. By using a simple

Water Features

Water features are relaxing and soothing; they stimulate both visual and audio senses.Latest research indicates Water features are the number one item a home owner would like to add to their property.

How to Make a Kitchen Corner Shelf

The kitchen is where organization is required, perhaps more so that any other room in the home, and a corner shelf is a great tool in this regard. The average kitchen lends itself to corner shelving created by cabinets, sinks and breakfast nooks. These structural components offer a great environment

How to Drill the Holes for Worm Composting Bins

Composting saves the gardener money. You can turn your own biodegradable garbage into mineral-rich, useable soil. You can make your own compost bin using a standard plastic tote. One of the most important steps in making the compost bin is drilling ventilation holes. Do not forget to take this impor

Decking Around Swimming Pools

Finding the right look for your pool area can make or break the overall appearance of your yard. While the style and design of the pool itself are important, the decking that surrounds it can also make an impact. There are many pool deck options, and each type provides a distinctive look for your po

How to Adjust a Rider Mower Deck

Riding lawn mowers come in two pieces: the rider and the mower deck. The mower deck hangs off the bottom of the rider and houses the cutting blades. You adjust the mower deck's position to achieve your desired cutting height. Even though each riding mower's height options differ, the process of adju

How to Build a Lattice Gate

A lattice gate appears light and airy leading into a garden or yard and you can custom-design it to match the rest of the lattice fence. The challenge is building its frame sturdy enough so it won't sag, while leaving a large area in the center to add the lattice. If you make the gate no wider than

How to Plant Wheat Seeds

Whether you're a master bread baker or you just want a novel garden crop, growing wheat is easy. Gardeners can plant wheat twice a year, in the early spring and in the late summer to early fall. Wheat seed comes in red or white varieties; red offers a stronger flavor, notes Wheat seed

Landscaping Ideas for Smaller Spaces

Landscaping becomes a big area of concern when you are designing the layout of your property. Whether you are planning to buy a new property or you are redoing your existing home or office, what you require is some good ideas for landscaping. Landscaping will not only change the entire look of your

How to Remove a Blade From a Toro Mower

Toro blades are known for being put on extremely tight at the factory, because the company prefers that blades be removed and sharpened by a professional, for the safety of the general public. Removing the blade is nearly the same as for any other mower, except for the additional torque required. If

Patio Awnings - Buying Tips

Patio awnings are a great addition to any property but there a few things to take into consideration before you make your mind up about what type of awning to plump for. Installing a patio awning can give your property appeal and could add overall value to your home or business, but to help you deci

Do it Yourself: Vinyl Cladding

Vinyl cladding is another name for vinyl siding. Vinyl cladding is used in place of cement board or wood siding to protect the exterior walls of a home and add insulation. Vinyl is often less expensive than wood or cement siding, is waterproof and lasts for many years. Installing vinyl cladding is a

Planting Fescue for a Pasture

Fescue is a cool season grass type that allows gardeners to extend their green pastures throughout the fall, winter and spring months. Without a cool season grass, your pasture will look brown and dead in the early fall months. Because fescue goes into dormancy when temperatures rise in the late spr

The Best Way to Level Sand for an Above-Ground Pool

An above-ground pool must be installed on ground that is as close to perfectly level as possible. When leveling the base soil, always dig out to the lowest level; do not build up the soil. The new soil will compact with the weight of the water, and the pressure of the water against the pool wall wil

How to Install a Basalite Block

Basalite is on of the top 10 concrete supply companies in the United States. They specialize in retaining walls and ornamental garden products including paving stones, edging and decorative rocks. These products are all consumer friendly and can be installed by a do-it-yourselfer in a weekend. The a

Ideas for a Yurt Deck

A yurt can serve as a wonderful nature retreat, a cozy guest house or even an quiet office in your backyard. Despite the simple round design, you can exercise plenty of creativity in designing the yurt's deck. Consider first where you'll position the yurt, and how people might use the deck in that l

How to Garden With Landscape Timbers

There are several ways to incorporate landscape timbers in your garden design. These rot-resistant timbers withstand natural elements without showing signs of decay and form sturdy and functional garden objects. Use the versatile building material to edge your lawn or flower garden, secure lengths i