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How to Care For Your Master Spa

If you are wondering how you are going to care for your master spa, then you have found the correct article. This article will tell you the basic do's and don'ts when it comes to your master spa. It is better to prevent damages than to repair the damages done due to improper usage.

Laundry Water Hose Safety Tips

Washing machine failures are one of the most common sources of household flooding.laundry image by timur1970 from Fotolia.comIf you have a washing machine in your home, following a few laundry water hose safety tips can help prevent household flooding or electrical issues in your home....

Pool Pumps That Save Energy

Install an energy saving pool pump to cut down on your utility costs.Adam Jones/Photodisc/Getty ImagesPool pumps are paramount to the health of your pool. They not only circulate and aerate the water, they help chemicals mix more thoroughly and aid in the removal of debris. Without a...

Salt On Your Fries?

Salt is always a hot topic with freshwater aquarium owners, but what about young fry? Should salt ever be used young fish fry?

How to Replace an Inground Pool Skimmer Weir

An inground swimming pool skimmer filters and cleans the surface of the pool water. The skimmer connects directly to the pool's PVC plumbing, which leads to the pool filter. A skimmer consists of a large plastic body, a basket, pressure plate and weir. The skimmer's weir acts as a door that allows w

How to Choose a Pond Liner

Pond liners are the most expensive item required when constructing a pond. Ensure that your calculations are correct before requesting that a piece of liner be cut on your behalf. Ask for the correct thickness of liner and remember that thin liners are easily punctured by sharp stones. Always ensure

Pond Care: Snails or No Snails

Although adding a garden pond to your backyard can prove rewarding, it's also a potentially laborious process. You must consider many factors, even after the pond is completed. One of these is whether to add pond snails like apple snails and mystery snails. There are both pros and cons to having sna

Blue Clay Holiday Fish

These beautiful ceramic ornaments are part of an aquatic / fish themed Christmas tree.

Ground Water Removal

Ground water is water that exists below the surface of the soil, pooling in the pores between sand and gravel. In some cases, ground water can become a safety issue, and must be removed from the ground.

How to Remove the Bottom Drain Cover From a Pool

Remove your pool's bottom drain cover for cleaning and repairs. Professional pool service companies can do this for you, but if you don't mind getting wet; you can do it yourself. A pool drain cover should be replaced if worn or broken. Anti-vortex, Virginia Graeme-Baker (VGB) Act-approved drain cov

Can an Aboveground Pool Have a Deep End?

Most inground pools have a range of depths that can go many feet down into the ground. The majority of aboveground pools, however, cannot support this luxury. Under the right circumstances and installation techniques, it's possible to have a deep end in your aboveground pool.

Why Are the Steps Yellowing on an Inground Pool?

Dirt, bacteria and other contaminants can find their way into a pool and multiply, causing a variety of problems. One such problem is pool steps that are beginning to turn yellow in color.

Giant Bird of Paradise

Giant bird of paradise is a striking plant that will bring a tropical look to your yard when planted near a swimming pool.

Does Pool Water Kill Grass?

Swimming pools offer fun for the entire family; summertime comes around and a swimming pool in the backyard offers an escape from the heat. However, if you've got a lawn nearby, zealous children (and sometimes adults) can splash water out of the pool and onto the grass. If the lawn gets enough of th

Maintaining an Above Ground Swimming Pool

Regular cleaning and monitoring of the swimming pool isn't much fun, but it is an essential part of having a pool on the property. An above ground pool needs a range of daily and weekly checks to make sure the water is kept clean and healthy.

Pond & Waterfall Ideas

A small submersible pump can turn just about any item into a bubbling waterfall.Water Fountain in stone image by Gramper from Fotolia.comWater adds interest to a yard landscape. A water feature also can serve a useful purpose in a landscape by cooling down a hot yard. A waterfall also can...

Expected Life of Vinyl Pool Liners

Swimming-pool liners form a watertight barrier that allows the pool to hold water. In addition to serving this important function, they are available in a wide range of colors and patterns that can significantly enhance the look of a swimming pool.