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How to Prune Asao Clematis

A compact-growing flowering vine that matures up to 6 feet tall and no wider than 3 feet, the Asao clematis cultivar bears its blooms earlier than others, in late spring. The large, creamy pink flowers with a pale yellow center of stamens measure 4 to 5 inches in diameter. Petal edges blush a slight

What Are the Dangers of Rockwool?

Rockwool is used in home insulation and is growing in use for hydroponic gardening, which is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. This mineral is a sterile, porous, non-degradable material manufactured in various forms. Rockwool has been in use since t

How Is Popping Corn Grown?

Although popcorn differs from other varieties of corn in its physical properties and hard kernel, it can be grown in much the same way that other varieties of corn. Popcorn can be grown at home with only a few basic supplies, a bed of soil, sunlight and some patience.

Rabbit Control & Poison

According to United Wildlife Control, rabbits are long-eared, puffy-tailed animals that are random eaters found throughout the world. This mammal belongs to the order Lagomorpha can reproduce at a fast rate and are able to live in rural and urban environments as long as foods are plentiful.

Fruit Tree Planting Instructions

Late winter, February to March, is the best time plant fruit trees, according to University of Tennessee Extension. If you live in a colder state, you might have to wait until April for the ground to thaw. UT Extension also recommends choosing small bare-root trees to plant, because smaller trees ha

How to Care for Strawberry Plants During the Winter

Strawberries are hardy, long-lived fruit plants that survive in most of the country to bear fruit for three to five seasons. During the summer the plants need full sun and warmth, with good nutrition and moisture. Fall strawberry care includes a rehabilitation process, while winter care includes pro

How to Make a Parasol Mushroom Garden

The parasol mushroom, or Macrolepiota procera, has a fruiting body that resembles a parasol and may reach a diameter of 15 inches. It is relatively common in wet, temperate regions throughout the world, especially eastern Europe. The cap of the parasol mushroom is edible and it has a variety of culi

Weed With a White Flower & Yellow Stamen

To farmers and ranchers, weeds are plants that compete with crops in the field or present a threat to livestock. To gardeners, weeds are undesirable plants that grow in their lawn or garden. To ecologists, weeds are the first plants that can establish themselves in a degraded habitat like those caus

The Best Time of Year to Move with Moving Companies

Moving into a new household is a big undertaking. From packing to preparing for new jobs or schools, there are a lot of responsibilities placed on the homeowners during this time. Selecting the best time to move will involve a lot of factors. However, if you have some flexibility with your moving da

The Best Partial Shade Flowering Perennial to Grow in Texas

David De Lossy/Photodisc/Getty ImagesPlants growing in a part sun/part shade receive four to six hours of sunlight each day during the growing season. In Texas, morning sun exposure is best because it prevents mildew by drying dew off the plants and is not as harsh as afternoon sun. There...

How to Get Rid of Veronica Lawn Weeds

Veronica, also known as speedwell, is a winter annual broadleaf weed that spreads by stolons, or above-ground shoots. Veronica seeds germinate in fall or winter and the weed becomes evident when the weather warms. It isn't an easy invader to control, and it may take several seasons to completely rid

Maintenance & Care of Climbing Roses

When trained to grow along a fence, trellis or pergola, climbing roses can make a stunning addition to your home landscape. Growing up to 20 feet tall with long, stiff stems, climbing roses are actually genetic mutations of ordinary bush-type rose varieties. Climbing roses produce clusters of large,

Poison Ivy Plant Removal

A poison ivy plant (Rhus radicans) is covered with a toxin known as urushiol that causes skin inflammation, swelling and blisters. If there is poison ivy growing on your property, it is a good idea to remove it as soon as possible to prevent accidents or injuries.

When Are Crabapples Ripe?

Many crab apples have been bred for prolific spring blooming, thus the common name flowering crab apple. But even flowering crabs produce fruit. Fruits of some crab apple varieties drop to the ground once ripe, in August or September; for others, fruit persists on the tree late into winter. When cra

How to Care for an Evergreen Tree

Evergreen trees grow in a variety of climates around the world. The most marked characteristic of evergreen species is the ability to maintain foliage year-round, an adaptation developed to compensate for poor, low-nutrient soil. Many landscapers and home gardeners favor evergreen trees because they

How to Care for a Hibiscus Bush

A hibiscus bush can make a lovely addition to any garden, but there are several basic requirements that must be met in order for the plant to bloom and thrive. Planting in the proper location is of utmost importance for your hibiscus bush, particularly if you want large, fragrant flowers. Sun, soil,

Barberry Bush Diseases

Barberry bushes are shrubs commonly found in gardens. They are very hardy plants, according to Nature Hills Nursery, tolerating drought and lack of sunlight well. Though these plants can withstand a lot of environmental factors, there are some diseases that still affect them. If you have...

How to Plant Ruby Queen Hybrid Corn

Ruby Queen hybrid corn is a red variety of sweet corn that retains its color even after being cooked. This plant has a gestation period of 75 days and will need a little extra care to ensure a fruitful harvest. Corn, regardless of the variety, has similar needs and planting requirements. It should b

How Long Will a Zucchini Plant Produce?

Zucchini is a commonly grown summer squash. Summer squash are bred for fresh use during the summer of production rather than stored for winter food. Zucchini is harvested before maturity while the skin is tender and the seeds are small. As long as the vegetable is harvested before maturity, the plan

How to Harvest and dry PEANUTS

Here are the basics to harvest, dry and store your peanut crop. Peanuts are a fun plant to grow in your garden if you have the climate for it. Kids love the idea of harvesting their own peanuts fresh from the garden.