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Obama on Drugs

A doctored photo parody depicting Barack Obama on drugs.

Workers Of The World, Untie!

Maybe the reason a community organizer could rise to the highest office in the land is that, well, the leftist community has always been in great need of organization. The trouble with socialism, as Maggie Thatcher said, is that you eventually run out of other people's money... but the trouble

Obama Poker Strategy

A political cartoon about President Obama caving to the GOP on tax cuts.

Obama and the Media

A political cartoon depicting the media wrapped around Barack Obama's finger.

Cow Bell Resort

Does eating meat have to be cruel?Might not there be a better way to have our meat and eat it, too?

Job in Hell

The engineer worked before he was sacked at a BIG co., for more than thirty years. He was bold, wrinkled, and with bags under his eyes when they fired him. When he got home that ...


A political cartoon about the long history of war in Afghanistan.

Divided GOP

A political cartoon about the Tea Party vs. the GOP establishment.

Paris Hilton Jokes: Paris Hilton to Release Hip-Hop CD

Paris Hilton to release a hip-hop CD.What's the problem here? Every rap song today is about money, bling, and cars. Paris has all 3! The only white woman MORE qualified to be a rapper is Martha Stewart. Because she's been to jail!Martha: It's a hood thing!

I Scare Juan Williams

A funny protest sign from the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in Washington.

Reagan's Hair Apparent

A political cartoon about John McCain fashioning himself as Ronald Reagan.

Valentino Rossi Horoscope

Valentino Rossi was born on February 16, 1979 in Urbino, Italy. He is an Italian professional motorcycle racer and multiple MotoGP World Champion.

Jeff Dunham – An all time comedy genius

Do you think there is an entertainment artist in the world that is more talented and creative than Jeff Dunham? Your answer would probably be no! It is a mere fact that Jeff Dunham is a comedian who w