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American Political Issues - Auto Industry Bailout

SUVs and pickups, have become a red-hot American political issue. The Auto industry bailout by the U.S. government spearheaded the need for Americans to take a stand on our beloved favorites. Why? There are millions of us, both conservatives and liberals, who drive these. It was the government auto

Democratic Pilgrimage To Cuba

For the past 50 years Fidel Castro has been patiently waiting for a U.S. President and Congress to bend his way. That time has come. His perseverance has been rewarded.

What Were Reasons for European Exploration of the Americas?

European exploration and expansion into the Americas began in 1492 with the first voyage of Christopher Columbus, who sailed west for Spain. During the following century, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and British explorers continued to risk their lives seeking treasure and adventure in the New World.

Immigration and American English

I was born and raised in America. I have been married for over 40 years to a beautiful, intelligent and wonderful woman who was born and raised in Mexico. My wife came here, legally, with her family in 1960.

Types of Jobs That Have Been Offshored

Businesses offshore jobs from their home country to a foreign country to save on labor costs. New technologies make it easier for businesses to communicate with their employees around the globe. Offshoring has affected jobs in many different industries in the United States, decreasing the number of

Non-Violent Revolution - Is It Possible?

The following text is based mainly on the ideological political thoughts of Marx and Gandhi.What is claimed here is by no way new, however it is felt that these kind of ideas are losing popular ground to a more violent approach and hence need to be said again.This article aims to discuss how a socia

What Is the Political Meaning of Earmarks?

In politics, the term "earmark" is used to describe money allocated by the legislature for specific projects. The term derives from agriculture, in which "earmark" referred to small cuts made in the ears of livestock as a sign of ownership. Legislative earmarking has been the source of some politica

How to Find Your Dominant Element

The four possible dominant elements that a person could have are water, air, fire or earth. A common mistake of people is to assume that the element of their sun sign is their dominant element. For example, if someone is a Pisces, it is a mistake to assume that his dominant element is water. Rather,

How to Find Out the History of a Country's Exchange Rate Policies

Historical research requires many sources and therefore access to books, articles and other media. To research the history of a country's exchange rate policies, one can rely on physical sources or Internet-based sources -- ideally a combination of the two. By cross-referencing sources, one can arri

Flags in the Army

Flags can indicate the presence of a person or group and are assigned to entities such as countries, clubs and military forces. Flags are used to fly on various occasions. The U.S. Army has a number of flags that designate the organization as a whole, and various entities within the organization hav

What Does It Mean to Have a Debate Conclusion?

In debating, the word "conclusion" has a fairly distinctive meaning. A conclusion, in the context of a debate or argument, is not necessarily a remark that comes toward the end of the debate. Rather, it is a statement that follows logically from other statements. It is not common for debat

The Policing Pledge

The Home Secretary has launched the Policing Pledge with a fanfare. Essex are the first force to comply. But there is argument as to whether it is a necesary step forward in police accountability or a costly charade.

How to Fold a Christian Flag

According to Steve's Christian Flag Facts, the Christian flag was conceived of in 1897. Since then it has flown in many church services and among various congregations. This gorgeous flag consists of a white body with a blue canton containing a red cross. Because of its recent introduction into flag

What Are Juzu Beads Used For?

Juzu or alternatively, nenju, refers to beads that are used for counting or tallying. Similar to a rosary and made of 108 beads, juzu beads have a variety of uses in Japanese Buddhism. The beads represent earthly passions, ego attachments or worldly desires that the follower seeks to overcome. Juzu

C.l.a.s.s. Is Dismissed And That Is Bad News For Obama Care

This article reviews the termination of the CLASS program, the long term disability component of Obama Care and the primary reason why the financial analysis of Obama Care was a positive. The CLASS program was the long term disability care component of Obama Care but it proved not to be a viable mar

Uses for GMO Canola

The invention of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, has sparked intense debate and research about the ethics of their growth and viability of their use as food. The United States does not currently have a labeling system that informs consumers of whether their food comes from GMO sources. For

Psychological Effects of Art on Humans

What draws us to art? The beautiful splatters of paint on a canvas or the intricate combination of notes in a symphony have the capacity to awaken an emotional reservoir within each of us, drawing us in a very real and psychological way to the truth that a piece of art seems to present. Whether the