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Home Energy Assistance Program of Ohio

As the weather gets colder, many Ohio residents struggle to heat their homes. Rising oil, gas and electricity costs could mean that some Ohioans have to choose between heating their home or purchasing other necessities, such as food or medicine. Understanding the challenges that face low-income resi

Government Grants for New Windows

Homeowners can get money to pay for new windows.window image by anna karwowska from Fotolia.comAre you are a homeowner looking to make improvements to your home? If so, go green and save money. The federal government has a number a grant programs to help homeowners improve energy...

The History of Workman's Compensation Laws

The history of workman's compensation legislation in the United States goes back to the early 20th century. The first federal legislation, passed in 1908, covered only federal workers performing hazardous jobs. In 1911, the first state workman's compensation law was passed by the state of Wisconsin.

Are Credit Unions Non-Profit Organizations?

Like banks, credit unions offer checking and savings accounts, credit and debit cards and mortgage, personal and automotive loans. Although credit unions perform many of the functions associated with banks, their structure differs significantly from that of banking institutions.

How to Get Veteran's Disability Started

If you are a veteran with a disability, you might be entitled to disability benefits from the Administration of Veterans Affairs, also known as the VA. The VA provides two types disability benefits: compensation and pension. Compensation is for veterans whose disabilities were caused during military

How to Borrow From Your Retirement Plan

Company retirement plans, such as a 401k, are popular financial instruments used to build up a nest egg and are part of the benefits a full-time employee receives. But if you find yourself in a financial bind, you may need to pull some of your money out. One way to do this without a penalty is to ta

STM Develops HMRC-Friendly Gibraltar QROP Scheme

STM Fidecs, the Gibraltar-based trust company and pensions administrator, has developed a QROPS scheme that has been approved by both Gibraltar's Income Tax Commissioner and HM Revenue & Customs, paving the way for the resumption ...

How to Find People Who Give Away Money

You read about it in the paper, "Millionaire Helps Family in Hard Times." Wouldn't it be wonderful to find someone to help you out of your tough time or to reach your goals! It's not easy, but here are ways to search for this kind of help.

How to Obtain Grants for Renewable Energy

Grants for renewable energy are becoming more popular as individuals and organizations work to make positive changes for our planet. If you're interested in getting a grant for renewable energy, there are many ways in which you can receive a grant to accomplish your wishes. Below, you will find so

Wages for Mineral Engineering

The modern economy relies upon natural resources, such as coal, metals and minerals for energy and as building materials for products ranging from computers to action figures. Mineral or geological engineers use technical knowledge to find and prepare sites for the extraction of raw materials, such

Living Trust Tutorial

A living trust benefits children, relatives and organizations after a grantor's death. A grantor is a person who establishes a living trust. Similar to a will, a living trust is a legal document that allows you to distribute your assets after death; however, unlike a will, a living trust is almost i

How to Budget for Food When Unemployed

When you are unemployed, the price of groceries seems a little bit higher each time you go to the store. It is frustrating to have to put back food items you need because just a small basket of food is more than you have to spend. Although your income may be low, budgeting for food while you are une

Tax Tips for IRA Penalties

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) provides supplemental income as you need it during senior years. The Internal Revenue Service designates the retirement age to access IRA accounts as 59-1/2 years old. Taking it early leads to 10 percent penalties on distributions. IRA money is yours, however,

How Can I Check the Balance on My Checking Card Without My Account Number?

Knowing the total balance available to your checking card (also referred to as a "debit card") can help better inform your purchases and prevent charges, such as overdraft fees. This card is tied directly to your checking account which has its own unique account number with the bank you use. If you

Mathematics & Biology Grants

You can find a variety of funding opportunities through both public and private sources for grants and awards in mathematics and biology. If you are a teacher, you can apply to various grants providing funding to not only enrich your classroom but also advance your professional development as a math

Salary of a Career Florist

A florist, or floral designer, prepares floral arrangements using fresh, dried and silk flowers. A florist constructs individual bouquets and organizes floral decorations for special events, such as weddings. He meets with clients to discuss their requirements and orders flowers from wholesale retai

The Importance Of Personal Finance In A Recession

Looking after your personal finance situation and getting it in order is probably the most important aspect of surviving a recession. Each one of your financial pots plays a big part in how much money ...

IRC Taxable Social Security Benefits

You may be disappointed to find that you have to pay taxes on most of your social security benefits.old woman image by Alexander Raths from Fotolia.comYou might have to pay taxes on some or all of your social security benefits according to the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). You may have to...

Ways for Minors to Make Money Online

The beauty of making money on the Internet is that just about anyone can do it--including minors. In most cases, the minor has to have a parent's or guardian's support in order to have an online business. According to the authors of the book "The Busy Family's Guide to Money," helping a...