The Most Exotic Types of Chickens

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10 Ways Not to Feed the Birds

Avoid these top 10 bird feeding mistakes and you'll easily attract a wide range of hungry birds to your backyard feeders.

How Do Love Birds Mate?

Lovebirds comprise a colorful and diverse group of small parrots that are originally from Africa. Lovebirds have been kept domestically as pets for more than 100 years. These birds are short with thick bodies, and most are between 5 and 6 inches from their head to tail. Lovebirds exhibit a number of

How to Sew on Peacock Feathers

Peacocks are renowned for their plumage. In the wild peacocks use their feathered tails to attract a mate, and there is no reason why you can't do the same. Sewing peacock feathers onto clothing is a great way of adding color and style to garments, making you stand out in the fashion jungle. Peacock

Information on Cages for Poultry

All types of poultry need a place to roost. Even free-range birds needs a place where they feel safe. Poultry cages can provide that safe roost. Sometimes called a comfort cage, poultry cages come in all sizes and shapes and can fit into any poultry shed. Some chicken cages and larger poultry cages

How to Remove Pigeon Poop

It is important to know how to remove pigeon droppings, so your personal items are not permanently damaged. Pigeon droppings can lead to health risks if not removed properly from your clothing or lawn furniture. Droppings can cause discoloration and render articles of clothing a useless addition to

Keeping Parrots

How to Take Good Care of Parrots | Parrot Foods and Housing | Food Supplements

How to Raise Chickens From Eggs in Incubation

Incubating chicken eggs until baby chicks hatch can be done both at the commercial farm level and at private farms. Raising chicks from eggs allows the farmer to know exactly what type of food the chicks have gotten, the condition that the chicks were raised in and the fact that the chickens were tr

Birds - The Golden Eagle

Do you know where most golden eagles are found, and how they hunt?Read on to find out.

Help With the Gold Eggs in "Angry Birds"

Rovio's hit game "Angry Birds" doesn't end once you've beaten all the levels. Within the game are 26 hidden golden eggs that will unlock new levels. Once you find the first 10, the rest should be easier to get. In some levels, the golden egg is in plain sight. In others, they are hidden in

Room Air Purifier For Birds - 5 Features That Are Best For Birds

If you have pet birds, you are doing the right thing by looking for a room air purifier that will keep the air as fresh and clean as possible. Studies have shown that birds whose air passages are kept clear have fewer infections which more often than not increase their life spans. Here are 5 feature

Tips on Incubating Chicken Eggs

Raising chickens can be a fulfilling pastime or a way to acquire cheap eggs and edible chicken meat. Even if you don't have a brooding hen, you can still raise chicks from fertilized eggs with home incubation. The incubation process can be tricky and several precautions must be taken to ensure a saf

Endangered Palm Cockatoo

The palm cockatoo, also called the black palm cockatoo, is a large, stately parrot with dusky black plumage and a dramatic crest that spikes from its head like a Mohawk haircut. Its cheeks are highlighted by featherless patches of crimson skin that lighten if the bird is stressed. Palm cockatoos are

How to Build a Simple Birdhouse

Birdhouses are great for people that enjoy nature and birds, people who want to add a nice decoration to their yard or garden, or people who are simply looking for a fun project. Building a simple birdhouse can be a fun project and a great way to attract birds to your yard.

How to Finger Train a Budgie

Parakeets, or budgies, are charming and friendly birds that are popular as pets. They are very social and should be kept in pairs if you will not have much time to play with your budgie. A single budgie will become very attached to you if you spend time with it daily. If you suddenly stop playing wi