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Finicky Felines

Cat boarding is a good idea because of a cat's general independence, a cat's seeming indifference to humans is part of their general psychology. By ignoring you, they invite fawning and doting behavior that they can have whenever they want. While they seem indifferent, cats crave love like

Feline Stress & Hyperglycemia

Cats, like humans, can experience stress. And much like you, stress can heighten, correlate or cause another illness in your feline companions. One such correlation is stress and hyperglycemia.

Why Cats Go Bald in Old Age

Cats advancing in age often experience physical changes in coat and skin. Some cats' coats turn gray, while other cats develop thinning or balding patches on their coat. Age naturally causes skin dryness, which can change fur texture or cause fur to fall out. Seek your veterinarian's advice in order

How to Toilet Train a Cat?

The idea of having your pet cat not having to use the litter box. Having it not dirty up your floor but instead using a human toilet and eliminating the costs for cat litter. Refreshing isn't it?

2010 Tuxedo Cats Picture Gallery: Sushi and Ninja

Tuxedo Cats were originally chosen to honor in the May cats photo calendar because they reminded me of the elegant attire worn to spring proms. Of course, females may also wear tuxedos. Ehjoy these photos of handsome tuxedo cats, then submit your own cat pictures.

Tabby Cat Information

Of all domestic cats, tabbies most resemble tigers with their stunning stripes and other beautiful body markings of swirls and dots. Tabbies are also the most common domestic cat. Coat colors of tabbies aren't limited to only one shade but have various shades of oranges, browns, grays and ginger. So

How to Groom Your Cat

Even though cats are very clean animals, which clean themselves several times a day, it does not mean that they do not need your help. Cats need a good grooming session to keep their hair in good condition and to remove any dirt that is in their fur. Grooming also helps spread natural oils through y

How to Handle Your Cat Hating Husband

A must read article for faithful cat lovers that are married to a cat hater. How can you convince him to worship cats with you? Read on to find out what do do.

What Is T8 Keto?

T8 Keto is an animal flush and cleaner; and is used to clean the skin and ears of dogs, cats and horses.

Language of Cats

There are separate ways and means of communications for cats. They make various kinds of sounds and also a lot of body sign to reveal what they feel. A lot of signs can be easily noticed. After you notice a special behavior you may come to know that it is something important which the cat wants to c

Cat Bladder Stones - Best Option For Non Surgical Treatment

A cat with bladder stones does have options, but this depends on what type of stones have formed, how large they have gotten, how many and if they are causing an obstruction so that the urine cannot be expelled. The later condition can be life threatening so get your cat to the vet immediately if yo

How Can You Tell If a Cat Is Carrying the Ringworm Fungus?

Ringworm is a skin infection caused by fungi. While worms do not cause it, the circular patches of irritated skin bear resemblance to worms, and thus the name. Your cat can become infected with ringworm by being around another animal that is infected or by coming in contact with contaminated items,

Common Causes of Watery Eyes in Cats

There are many causes of unusual discharge from the eyes - nearly every opthamological problem in cats causes the eyes to water, and without a physical examination it is impossible to be specific. Let's take a look at some of the common causes of watery eyes in cats.

Melanoma in a Feline

Melanoma is a form of cancer found in humans and animals. While humans tend to develop melanoma from moles, animals show signs of the cancer through freckles on the forehead. Dermal and iris melanoma are commonly found in cats.

5 Proven Steps to Cure Cat Urinary Infection

If you have a cat with a urinary tract infection, then no doubt you've searched for a way to cure cat urinary infections for good. This cat illness can really grab hold of your cat's urinary system and not let go. Its not unusual for cat to have a feline UTI for months. Here's how to

Tip 1: Send the Very Best Photo You Have of Your Cat

With the advent of About.com's Show and Tell by readers, dozens of new photos and stories are submitted every week but sadly, not all of them make the grade for approval for one or more reasons. I am even more selective when it's time to choose a Cat Picture of the Week, or a finalist in a

The Best Grooming Tools for Long-haired Dogs

Long-haired dog breeds, such as the shih tzu, the Lhasa apso and the bearded collie, need to be groomed every day to prevent them from suffering painful tangles. With long-haired dogs, a simple comb will not satisfy the canine's grooming needs. The best grooming products are a combination of clipper

Halloween Cats Picture Gallery: MamaBoo

A friend sent me a cute photo of a cat wearing a bonnet from the popular ICanHasCheezburger site. The cat sez, "Hope u dont plan on returning it cause ur blood will leave stains." The few times I've tried to put hats or outfits on my cats, I've gotten the same response.Just out o

Kittens With Hair Loss & Scabs at the Tip of Their Tail

Watch kittens for tail chasing and chewing on themselves or each other, which may cause loss of hair (alopecia) and scabs at the tip of the tail. Hair loss with scabs can be full or partial, and can occur in symmetrical patterns. Look for areas of skin with hair loss that may be reddened, scaly or b