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What Type of Equipment Is Needed for Video Production?

Video production occurs on many different levels. The kind of equipment required for a production depends on the scale and the professional level of a production. For example, to produce a video for home or Web viewing on a user-generated Website requires a different set of equipment than to produce

Decor Options for Cavaliers

Whether you are decorating for a big game party this weekend, or have decided to revamp your whole house to reflect your love of the Cleveland Cavaliers, there are many decor options available to you. And that doesn't mean that you have to paint your walls bright gold and deep wine, or that you can

How to Convert 8mm Film to MPG

Computer editing software has made it simple to convert 8mm home movies to digital files, and to shoot new 8mm films and edit them on a computer. Compressing these digitized files to MPG enables compatibility with phones and other devices; it also allows you to upload them to video-sharing sites. Yo

Printing Your Canvas Photo

Digital photography is such a great eye opener for anyone looking to treat them self's or someone they really admire with some wall art. Memories is something that can and will fade over time so ...

Golden Rules of Lomography

Golden rules of lomographycamera in white image by Chef from Fotolia.comLomography is the freewheeling art of using low-tech toy cameras to capture images that are charmingly blurred, over-saturated and utterly unique. Named after the LOMO LC-A Compact Automat---a brand of cheap plastic...

2nd Curtain Sync Mode

Your camera's shutter consists of two curtains. These are called the 1st curtain and the 2nd curtain (or as some photographers like to call them the front curtain and the rear curtain). These two curtains are normally shut to prevent light from reaching the digital sensor or photographic film.

Advertising Photography - A Dream Career or A Nightmare?

For those who are involved in advertising photography and the world of advertisements, they know it's a hard life. But ask them and they will tell you how satisfying and fun it is to pursue something as big and as interesting as advertising photography. Right from the commercial photographers t

Taking a Good Look at Digital Photography

Ever since Canon unveiled the first digital camera, digital photography has taken off in tremendous fashion. Nowadays, digital cameras are far more popular and widespread than their film-based counterparts, however if you're looking at getting into this particular type of photography you should

Seeing the Light - Knowing What's Right

Most photographers when shooting outdoors prefer early morning or just before dusk.When you use a fill flash outdoors with someone wearing a baseball cap you will actually be able to see their face.Others who think: "Oh, there's plenty of light" will get really dark shadows and wonde

How to Photograph Winter Scenes

Learn how to photograph winter scenes and get stunning images. Winter cold can be challenging for your camera gear. Know how to avoid the most common problems in winter photography. Manual exposure and Exposure compensation are two important settings you should master with your digital camera before

Portrait Photography Tips - Shooting in Low Level Light

It is comparatively easy to capture portraits when you have complete control of the lighting. But what about when you have no control and the available light is limited? The following portrait photography tips are intended to offer some lighting and photography concepts to make a low lighting situat

Natural Photography Filters Can Enhance Your Work

Many scenic camera shots of nature are difficult to pull off with unpredictable lighting. This is one of the reasons filters are in every nature photographer's bag. The GoPro filter is one of the highest quality choices, as it offers both flash and glare protection.

Photography Designs

There are different types of photography designs. Each of which are intended to suit a particular look or emotion you want people to feel. The three most famous designs of photography are sepia, monochrome and black and white. These three photograph designs are intended to make your photos look bett

4 Benefits of DSLR Cameras

Technology has not only made the lives of computer users better, it has also been great to photographers of all different types. Consider the following 4 benefits of investing into one of these higher end options and you too will see that they are truly greater than the older styles that might still

Your Choices in Digital Camera Bags

However, if you need to be prepared for the perfect shot of wildlife, fast access is probably important to you. Purchase the right style bag to accommodate your photography style and the types of locations that you will be visiting for your photo ops.

All The Secrets Of Digital Photography

It's unbelievable how many people are beginning to take part in amateur digital photography these days. Most amateurs are actually becoming quite good and infact turning professional quickly due to the fact that technology has improved a vast amount over the turn of the century.

The Domina Lines Using Your Photo Composition

THE DOMINA LINES USING YOUR PHOTO COMPOSITION The line along the point, is a staple in artistic composition, yet is one of the most used for its effectiveness in helping to compose images. Why are ...