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Thank You

Sometimes you just need to say thank you.Thank you for things that you don't quite comprehend.

Photography Information - SLR

Today I offer photography information about the SLR digital camera. Some of the cameras today will take a picture that is almost perfect. The SLR style camera will cost a bit more than your point and click camera but it is well worth it's price.

Local Heroes by David Erdal - A Review

Changing the physical ownership of the company does not necessarily change the way that the workforce feel about what they do, having their names on a piece of paper does not give them ownership.This story is about what changed in the way that the company, Loch Fynne Oysters, was run that allowed th

The Skinny On Creativity - Thinking Outside the Box by Jim Randel

I believe to a certain degree that creativity is more abundant in some than in others. Obviously, some people are super creative, while others seem to struggle with coming up with ideas. With that said, I also believe that everyone, and that means everyone, can enhance their creative thinking. This

Please Choose a Category - Conformity or Identity?

Please choose a category. So I can define you narrowly. Understand you more easily. Address you with a tendency. Size you up based on a specificity. Presume an ongoing peculiarity. Forget the need for authenticity. Disregard any desire for variety. Contain you with conformity and alleviate your iden

Milwaukee Bound - 1967

An interesting story when the author was 20-years old, and there was unrest in the United Stats: black and white issues. Rosa

Top 5 Must Reads for 2012

A follow up to the top 5 reads of 2011. This time we look ahead to 2012 and the top 5 on our reading list.

The Significance Of Employing The Six Senses In Writing Poetry

Many of us love to write poetry as a way of releasing our emotions that have been hiding in our being. We feel relieve every time we can put our feelings into an array of wonderful words and phrases. But oftentimes we are only employing the five senses in creating a single piece of poetry and we are

G.B. Lamperti's "The Technics of Bel Canto" (1905)

Giovanni Lamperti and his father Francesco carried on the illustrious banner of the "old Italian School" of voice training through the 19th century. While the method was perhaps uncomfortably short on scientific analysis for a modern, industrial world (unlike the rising, competing method o

'Guerrilla Marketing' Sells Itself

If small business owners could read no other book, I would love to have them study Jay Conrad Levinson's Guerrilla Marketing: Secrets for Making Big Profits From your Small Business. Originally published in the early ...

TW Jackson Review

Author of The Magic of Making Up, TW Jackson has an informal approach to his writing which is refreshing and full of great content. He can definitely help you get back with your ex if you follow his instructions.

Love Poems Anthology Part 1

The first in a collection of love poems by John Roberts and inspired by his gorgeous wife/lover/friend "Maggie"

Untying Tension

Untying tension is is something requiring skill, understanding, and relatability.Mastering one's emotions brings to the soul tranquility.

Spiritual Thoughts - 3

Realization of the absolute Truth - about God, Self and oneness between the two - leads to wisdom. Understanding and experiencing this oneness is purity, a state of life where one can dispel all doubts and fears...

Common Mistakes Noticed When Self-Publishing a Book

Are you about to self publish your book online for the first time? Did you gather all the ingredients that would make your book publishing a success? Well, amidst all the necessary elements to make ...