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How to Make an Award Winning Children's Angel Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes focus on all types of characters, both real and fictional. One of the classic costumes for this holiday is to dress as an angel. Suitable for children, an angel outfit can be made as angelic or realistic as one chooses. The most important aspect of making a true-to-life and award-

Special Family Gifts

Family gifts should be as memorable as family outings.Family portrait of young family on picnic image by YURY MARYUNIN from Fotolia.comFinding the right gift for your family can be challenging. Especially if you are looking for a special gift, perhaps one that commemorates an event or...

50th Birthday Party Ideas for a Dad

When a dad turns 50 it is generally a big milestone in his life. Throwing a 50th birthday party is a great way to let him know that he is loved, appreciated and special. Instead of having the usual type of birthday party you should consider throwing him a theme party.

How to Make Miniature Butterfly Wings

Butterflies are fragile and beautiful creatures that are adored by many people. You can recreate their wings using wire and wax paper, making them lightweight and delicate just like the real thing. Just as there are many types of butterflies, there are many shapes and colors that you can give the wi

How to Send a Gift Basket of Sausage & Cheese

If you have a friend who enjoys eating a variety of sausage and cheeses, then assemble or purchase a gift basket with sausage and cheese items. Set your budget before you begin. It may be more economical -- and you will have more control over the items in the gift basket -- if you assemble the baske

How to Throw a Bollywood Night Party

Movies often aren't a good option for socializing, because you're looking straight ahead, not talking, and paying attention to the movie instead of to your friends. With the right silly movie, good Indian food, and a group of friends who are ready to add in their own hilarious commentary to the film

What Are Bounce Houses?

Parents often spare no expense when it comes to throwing a birthday party for their child. Some parents will even rent a bounce house for the party or throw the party at a venue that consists of many different variations of the houses. These air-filled devices offer fun for children of all ages at d

How to Prepare the Perfect Gift Wish List

Many people would love to be able to find the perfect gift on their own: What a great way to show how much you care, how much you pay attention, and how creative you are. From the recipient's end, gift-giving holidays are made better when you receive a gift you were hoping to receive. If you improve

Mommy...Daddy...why does the Easter Bunny bring us candy?

What are we teaching our children about Easter? Who is the Easter Bunny and why does he bring candy? These can sometimes be tough yet somewhat inevitable questions for any parent. Mark Bulleit, founder of Imaginary Greetings and father of three young children, shares his perspective on how any paren

Kids Christmas Activities Online

Eliminate the cost and the mess of paint, glue, glitter and other craft supplies. Let your children go online to age-appropriate sites with a variety of Christmas activities for children in grades Pre-K through 8. Catch gifts that are being dropped by Santa. Hang Christmas tree lights with an online

Video: Italian Christmas Traditions

Video Transcript Hi. I'm Karina Fraley and today we're talking about Christmas traditions from around the world. In Italy, the Christmas season actually lasts about three weeks, and starts eight days before Christmas, and that time period is called the Novena. During the Novena, the...

Artificial Christmas Trees: 10 Tips For Quick And Easy Setup

If you're like millions of other Americans, you struggle each year to set up your artificial Christmas tree, a chore that takes way too much time and energy.In this article, we'll present 10 easy tips that will make setting up the tree a faster and easier process!

How to Display Great Party Food

When planning a party, one of the first decisions you make is what type of food to serve. Many times the task of how to display party food gets overlooked. Since people tend to congregate around food at parties and social gatherings, you want your food display to be attractive and allow easy access.

Valentine Treat Bags with a Personal Touch

Do you enjoy digital scrapbooking? Do you share your passion with others? How many people get to see your unique creations? Here is an easy way to show off your favorite pages. Create gift tags using your digital scrapbook pages. Its simple and easy and adds a perfect personalized touch to a simple

Good Gifts to Get Students Going Into Medical School

Medical school involves a serious amount of commitment, hard-work and dedication. Reward a student who has decided to enter medical school with a gift that will help him to carry out his studies. Your gift could be a practical item, such as study guides to help him further his development, or a gift

How To Prepare For Christmas When You Work Full Time

Getting organized is important for staying on top of the Christmas preparations. Think out some of the basic categories which include buying gifts, mailing cards and presents, purchasing and cooking meals, buying holiday decorations and setting up the Christmas display.

Ideas for Birthday Gifts for Moms

Mom's birthday is a chance for loved ones to show her how much she is loved and how special she is. Encourage children to get involved by helping to choose or make a gift for mom. Don't purchase store-bought birthday cards, and instead let children make their own and write their own...

How to Design a White & Gold Elegant Christmas Tree

Traditional Christmas decorations are often made with the colors red and green. If you want to get away from the common colors and create an elegant and shimmering tree, consider using gold and white decorations. While these colors aren't the most traditional for Christmas trees, you can still find