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Largest Missouri Power Utility Going With Solar Energy

Ameren Corporation, the holding company for AmerenEnergy and Ameren UE, announced Monday, Dec. 1, that it plans to install solar energy systems at its headquarters in St. Louis and, eventually, anothe

Using Pepper Spray Effectively

The availability of pepper spray protection in nearly every state, combined with its ability to cause short lived but extreme pain, makes it one of the top products on the market for self defense. Pepper spray protection does not require any special training to use, and nor does using pepper spray c

NASA's Orion - Going Backwards to Propel the US to the Moon and Beyond

NASA has just awarded Alliant Techsystems Inc., the team behind the Space Shuttle's Solid Rocket Boosters, a US$1.8 billion dollar contract to develop motors for their Orion space shuttle replacement. The same solid boosters that proved to be temperamental enough to allow the Challenger to expl

International Conferences 2014-2015 Beijing

International scientific events present an opportunity to share knowledge in the concerned subject, and a special issue of the journal reports about the abstracts presented in the respective international scientific conference.

Diaries Of A Disgustingly Rich Individual

Many plebeians (or "plebs" as we high-society folks call them) often ask me (from a distance, of course, since I don't go next to poor people) what is it like being so disgustingly wealthy? Buying all those rich people things, doing all that rich people stuff. Despite what you have he

Do You Know Today Punjab News

Punjab is one of the beautiful states of India, and always remains in news highlights for different reasons. The State is considered as a peaceful place to live, you hardly hear negative things about Punjab.

A Choice of Words

War is never an answer - it only perpetuates the death, violence and destruction. Even gloating over the number of deaths caused on the other side is cause for alarm.

The 5th Annual Dubai Dragon Boat Race 2012

The much anticipated 5th annual Dubai Dragon Boat Race is just around the corner. The event takes place April 6th and 7th in the Dubai Festival City. The event continues to grow each year and is consi

Food Packages Are Going Retro

A number of major food marketers have re-introduced packages from the "good old days" in an effort to stand out from other products on supermarket shelves. And, it appears as if consumers are responding favorably by loading these items into their shopping carts. Is old-time packaging just

Astrology For Leo Sun Sign

In astrology Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Sun as the center of our solar system is the star which all other planets revolve around. Astrologers may say that the Leo person wants to be the center of attention

The Reason Why You Would Like Some Sort Of Air Conditioning Repair Specialist

In the sweltering summer seson, a poster air strengthener is a vital role in keeping often the temperature cool and comfortable. Even so, maybe you have even thought possible which will, like all supplement, this unique system can forfeit its actual up front fantastic results and may stop working at

Online Debates - Easy And Effective

A debate takes on a topic in the best possible way - with rationality. A healthy debate is the one that gives fair share to each voice, be it one that comes from an individual positioned on a higher stratum of the society or a regular everyday person.

Should Jose Medellin Be Executed?

Jose Medellin is a convicted murderer. Fourteen years ago he was sentenced to death for participating in the gang rape and murder of Elizabeth Pena, 16 and Jennifer Ertman who was 14. The girls had tragically wandered upon a gang initiation.

If the Government Can't Protect the Borders, Who Will Protect US Citizens?

A quick glance at a map will show there are definite parameters indicating cities, counties and states. These are all held together by the perimeter lines that show the extent of the countries geographic boundaries. Any problems between the United States and our two neighboring countries were resolv

Threat of Indian Nuclear Assets Falling To Maoists

There has been a most serious development that the Indian National Security Adviser (NSA) Shiv Shankar Menon falsely stated at the Asian security conference currently being held in Singapore, that it