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Use of Flyers for Fundraising Events

The use of flyers for fund-raising events for nonprofit groups always works well in a small community and it makes sense to print flyers for each and every fund-raising event that you have. It is important to find creative ways to distribute these throughout the community.

What is a Stock Broker?

A stock brokerage is a licensed agent that buys and sells stock on behalf of an investor. In order to trade stocks on a stock exchange, the brokerage has to be a member of the exchange. There are three types of brokerages. Full service, discount and online brokerages.

Stock Options: Limited Loss and Unlimited Profit

Many people believe that the stock market can make you rich one day, but also make you bankrupt the next.Well, how eould you like to know about a method of stock trading that completely saves you from unlimited loss, but still leaves the door open for unlimited profit?

How to Pick Penny Stocks - Pick Profitable Penny Stocks Today

The process of how to pick penny stocks is often made more difficult than it needs to be. People are afraid of penny stocks, often hesitate and miss great opportunities. It is not that hard! All you need to know is how to pick penny stocks. With the right information, you will be day trading like a

Is psychology your biggest weakness in trading?

I have read dozens of trading books. Some helpful and some not so helpful. However, one common theme runs throughout all the books I've read on trading: Trading Psychology. Some trading guru's say that trading ...

How to Calculate Basic EPS

There are three ways to earn money in the stock market: 1) share price appreciation, 2) dividends and 3) earnings. Earnings (if any) in corporations are usually distributed to shareholders on a quarterly basis. Earnings per share is a common measure that investors look at before deciding to invest i

Hybrid Bonds Definition

Alternatively known as "debt without the downside" and as "equity without the upside," hybrid bonds were originally created as a vehicle for corporations going through acquisitions and structural rearrangements that would otherwise damage their bond ratings. While typically favored in bull markets,

Mutual Funds & Expense Ratios

The stock market is considered an ideal place to find a range of companies to invest in, but it can take years of practice and experience to know what to invest in. Mutual funds offer diversification across a number of different companies and they are managed by an experienced fund manager. The amou

How to Buy SingTel Shares

SingTel, the common name for Singapore Telecommunications, provides Internet access, television programs, mobile phones and landlines to more than 200 million people. It is the largest company on the Singapore Exchange, and the majority of its shares are owned by a division of the Singapore governm

Swing Trading Vs. Day Trading

Swing and day trading are two popular forms of short-term stock trading. Stock trading is based on the premise that stocks move in trends. Once a trend starts, it tends to continue until something causes it to reverse. Stock traders attempt to profit from these trends by recognizing them early, buy

Penny Stocks to Invest In - How Do I Buy Penny Stocks Online?

Most investors know that stocks priced under $5 are microcap stocks or penny stocks. But is that definition complete on its own? A better definition of the penny stock should include references to the market capitalization (aka market cap) of the company instead of just the price. What else do you n

The Best Energy Stocks

Utilities are among the companies that issue energy stocks.suralaya power plant image by Aditia Patria Warman from Fotolia.comBefore deciding what are the best energy stocks, a basic question must be asked: What constitutes an energy stock? Obvious examples are stocks for oil companies...

Top 4 Benefits of Foreign Exchange (Forex) Trading

Forex is a term used to describe the buying and selling of currency in the foreign exchange market. The trading involves investors and speculators, where the trader seeks to buy undervalued currencies and sells the same when they are overvalued. The same way a stock trader buys stocks if they antici

The Best Online Brokers for Beginning Traders

The competition among online brokerage firms is fierce, especially now that investors are replacing their full-service brokers with online discount firms. The results of a "Kiplinger" magazine survey showed the 14 top Internet-based brokerage firms in 2011. Rankings are determined by reader concerns

Get Dividend Income With Brazil Stocks

Brazil is one of the ten largest economies in the world. It remains very attractive to foreign investors because of its growth potential, large and competitive market and political stability. The country has also adopted ...