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About the Feeding Habits of Catfish

Catfish grow to legendary sizes, inspiring eerie stories of intimidating monster catfish lurking at the base of the world's deepest dam, Parker Dam, California. But, stranger still are the stories of a giant catfish named Kuno who reportedly once ate a German Dachshund. Did this infamous catfish's d

How to Use Bushnell Range Finders

Bushnell rangefinders utilize a laser beam and a high-speed clock to determine the distance of the selected target. The rangefinder calculates the time it takes for the laser beam to return to the viewfinder unit; it then calculates the distance to within one yard and displays the information on a L

Freshwater Fishing in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife Guide to Hunting, Fishing and Trapping states that Massachusetts has about 10,000 miles of streams and rivers and approximately 2,800 ponds and lakes. Those venues are the scene of some exciting freshwater fishing activity for anglers, with a variety of species sw

How to Change a Line on a Spinning Reel

Spinning reels are a useful tool, enabling an angler to cast his line far from his location and have significant control over the bait. Replace your fishing line at least once per season, and more often if you are hitting the water every weekend. Although you can have your local tackle shop replace

How to Calculate How Many Layers Can Be Put on a Reel

For many years, fishermen used nothing but monofilament line on their reels. Monofilament is available in a wide variety of sizes -- 8-pound or 14-pound, for example -- and it is easy to figure out how much line the spool can hold because many reels have written on them their capacity to hold variou

The right reel to use!

Fly fishing reels are very important in fly fishing activity, sport and on occasional past time. Without these reels, it would be useless to go on fishing. This is because your goal is to catch ...

Fishing for Florida Catfish

There are many ways to catch the many species of existing catfish in Florida. Florida adult catfish can weigh up to 50 pounds, while less mature Florida catfish can weigh just a pound or two. Catfish in Florida can be found in just about every type of freshwater including ponds, streams, rivers and

How to Make an Owl With Multiple Keyboard Lines

Creating shapes and images from letters is a well-established art, with historical examples ranging from J.S Bach's elegant monogram to typewriter art published in 1948 by Modern Mechanic magazine. ASCII art, named for the ASCII system of defining characters, is the modern equivalent of typewriter a

How to Get a Shiny Eevee From an Egg in "Platinum"

In "Pokemon Platinum," you have a 1 in 8,192 (.0122%) chance of encountering a Shiny Pokemon in the wilderness. When it comes to breeding and hatching Pokemon, your chance of getting a Shiny Pokemon is the same --- unless you use the Masuda Method. By creating eggs with the perfect combination of Po

Interesting Facts on Manatees

Manatees, sometimes called sea cows, are water mammals that have no known natural enemies. They are related more closely to elephants than any other mammal, despite the differences in their habitat.

How to Decorate a Chandelier With Seashells

Seashells can bring out a coastal feel to any room in the house. Cover an old chandelier with seashells you pick from the beach yourself or purchase from a store. With just a few supplies, decorate a chandelier in just a few hours. Hang the finished chandelier in a dining room, bedroom or on a porch

How to Choose Which Color of Stren Fishing Line to Use

The thinking that fishing line is fishing line and it really does not matter what you use went out several years ago and is evidenced by the dozens of lines currently on the market. From crystal clear to fluorescent colors, various line manufacturers offer just about any line color you may need or w

How to Stop People From Killing Whales

Although the enormous commercial whaling operations of the 20th century, which pushed many species to the edge of extinction, are a thing of the past, whales are still hunted. The countries that continue to conduct large-scale whaling operations include Japan, Norway, Iceland and Denmark. However, p

Crab Fishing Methods

Circular crabbing pots.crab cages image by Christopher Nolan from Fotolia.comCrab fishing is an activity that people perform both recreationally and commercially. Commercial crab fishermen, or crabbers, almost always go out on a boat to catch their crabs, but recreational crabbers often...

Erie Elk River Steelhead Fishing

Elk Creek is the largest Pennsylvania tributary of Lake Erie. Between late fall and early spring steelhead, a type of trout able to survive in both freshwater and saltwater, migrate from Lake Erie into Elk Creek and other tributaries to spawn.

How to Troll With a Spinning Reel

Trolling techniques using a spinning rod and reel are basically the same as trolling with an open face casting-style rod and reel. A 6 1/2- to 8-foot, medium action spinning rod is a good choice for trolling. The reel should be loaded with 12- to 15-pound test monofilament line and have an adjustabl

How to String a Shakespeare Spinner Fishing Rod

Spinning rods are one of the most common types of rods, and the Shakespeare company manufactures the spinner rods that many anglers use. But like all varieties of fishing rods, Shakespeare spinning rods are of little use unless they are strung with fishing line. While it might be easier to have a fr

PVC Storage Tips

Rods are very breakable as most of us have discovered sometime in life. You can buy purpose-made rod tubes like those from Plano and others, but they will cost you. Plano tubes are light, which ...