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Maternity Yoga Apparel

As you might have already learned from your doctor, yoga can be beneficial to pregnancy. Whether it is to stave off a few extra pounds of weight, or to relieve the stresses of our every day lives. When practiced appropriately yoga can help you throughout your pregnancy.

What Exactly Is Kouksundo?

Kouksundo (also Kouk Sun Do or SunDo) is an ancient Korean practice; it was developed by Taoist monks. A combination of meditation and breathing techniques provide the very essence of the art. Kouksundo teaches us how to achieve balance with the rhythm of nature, the energies of the Universe, and ou

Guided Meditation - A Beginner's Guide

Meditation effectively dissolves physical and mental tension, making it a popular tool among busy people. There are several approaches to learning and practicing meditation. Some join a meditation center while others prefer the freedom of meditating at home - do what feels right for you.

Bells, Bowls and Beads

In your meditation practice, there comes a time when you are ready to add some tools to assist you in your focus. Learn about some of these and how they may benefit you.

Yoga For Weight Loss

Many people claim that yoga helps with weight loss.However, there is no hard and fast scientific data to support this claim.Everyone acknowledges that yoga helps stretch the muscles and increases flexibility and limberness, but now people are claiming that you can use yoga for weight loss.

Antigravity Yoga - All You Want To Know About

Antigravity, also known as the antigravity yoga is a type of yoga created by the world famous gymnast, Broadway performer, and yogi Christopher Harrison. While Christopher's performance company required an effective solution for rehabbing the bodies of the performers during the travel around th

Like Pleasure and Hate Pain? Try Yoga!

"Raga" can be understood as excessive attachment to pleasure, whereas the avoidance of pain is known as "dvesha." These seemingly natural human characteristics can create quite an imbalance if one is unconsciously feeding such desires. Over time, the ego expands as we add to our

Yoga Headbands To Strengthen Your Home Practice

Yoga headbands are sometimes designed as unisex. KOOSHOO, a popular brand of sustainably made yoga headbands and accessories, is on the record as saying that nearly half their customers are men.

Mind Relaxation Methods

Are you a worrier? Turn around the corner and you will find so many of them. They worry about anything under the sun. The weather their clothes, their neighbors, their cars and so many more.

Learning Basic Yoga Positions

Yoga is a very ancient form of exercise which originated in India centuries ago. Yoga aims to unite the mind, body, and soul through meditation, breathing, movements, and also body poses. Today, there are still many people who practice yoga to obtain its health benefits which include stress relief,

Comfortable and Trendy Yoga Clothing for All Ages

Choosing the proper outfit to be comfortable when practicing yoga. Fitted yoga clothing will allow you to move easily when doing yoga poses. To guide the consumer to choose the proper yoga outfit.

Meditation: The Ideal Stress Therapy

Meditation is not a miraculous cure for stress, or any other illness for that matter it is simply, putting our mind into a relaxed state enabling us to understand and handle the stresses in our lives.The power of the human mind knows no boundaries and if we teach ourselves to control the way our min

The Emotional Benefits of Power Yoga

Power Yoga is known for its physical benefits, which include increased flexibility, more stamina, and stronger muscles. Since Power Yoga is designed to provide the practitioner with a dynamic workout, there is less emphasis on aspects, such as: Meditation, mantra, mudras, and chanting, during a typi

Ways to Utilize Meditation Before a Workout

Meditation can be used for many beneficial reasons. It's a great method to quiet the mind and guide it to seeing new things. Perfect before a workout, it will help you reach your goals sooner.

The Benefits of Yoga in Stress Relief

Stress relief yoga is a helpful way to free you from the pressures of everyday living. It will help you to ease your mind and start feeling normal again. There are people who believe that yoga is a very complex type of exercise and past time since the poses and stretches looks very tough.